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15 Cool Gaming Jack-O’-Lanterns, That You Won’t Make


15 Cool Gaming Jack-O’-Lanterns, That You Won’t Make

The pumpiest of kins.

You may design your own costume or cover your living room in fake spider web, but for many, carving your very own pumpkin is what makes Halloween official.

With this list, we take a loot at the 15 coolest pumpkin carvings found across the internet, all whilst fitting comfortably within the gaming theme our website stands for. From a highly detailed, seemingly impossible Shovel Knight artwork to the relatively easy yet undeniably elegant Skyrim logo, here are the 15 best Jack-o-lanterns gamers have crafted across the web.

Underneath every image, you can find the source to the original pumpkin, which will sometimes even show you the unlit version of the crafted image. It’s truly mesmerizing considering how much work these artists put in their work.

If you’re looking to craft a pumpkin of your own, make sure to use a clear image for reference, or simply download and print stencils found across the internet. There are also plenty of useful tools available for carving pumpkins, which is how many professional artists bring their work to life.

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