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25 Splatoon Cosplays That Bring the Series’ Quirky Personality to Life


25 Splatoon Cosplays That Bring the Series’ Quirky Personality to Life

Cosplayers having an inky good time

The first Splatoon game was a unique game and a massive success for Nintendo. With Splatoon 2 slated to release on July 21, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the new franchise. These cosplayers bring the vibrant and quirky personality of the Splatoon series to life in their cosplays. Whether you’re a fan of inklings or secretly want to be an octoling, these cosplayers have captured the wide variety of the game’s characters perfectly.

Blue Inkling Girl

Cosplay by Yazuki

Two Inkling Girls

Cosplay by Hayashi


Cosplay by Shiki

Blue Inkling Girl

Cosplay by Alexandra Pinto

Green Inkling Boy and Friends

Cosplay by Asabi


Cosplay by Les Cliches Du Lievre

Inkling Boy

Cosplay by al7637

Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl

Cosplay by al7637

Green Inkling Boy

Cosplay by urutora

Green Inkling Girl

Cosplay by KiSaKi

Inkling Boy

Cosplay by Hg hkr

Callie and Marie Cheerleaders

Callie and Marie were insanely popular characters from the first Splatoon game and many cosplayers have brought the duo to life with a twist of their own. This pop duo is a ton of fun to recreate and they both have a fun personality that make both of the ladies popular. It’s a stark contrast to the likes of Pearl and Marina. While Marina seems to be rather popular online with some people referring to her as the “Beyonce of Splatoon,” poor Pearl just hasn’t garnered as much fanfare. It’s even been blamed for the incredibly lack of balance in teams fighting for Team Ice Cream or Team Cake in Splatoon 2’s Splatfest.

Cosplay Taisa and Mugi

Blue Inkling Girl

Cosplay by Mio Inami

Pink Inkling Girl

Cosplay by Umino


Cosplay by Ryan

Orange Inkling

Cosplay by miikun

Green Inkling

Cosplay by utai_ametiyu

Splatoon Group

Cosplay by chaccccccko

Poolside Callie and Marie

Cosplay by Titanesque Cosplay

Christmas Inkling

Cosplay by NetsuKirkland

Marie and Spike

Cosplay by LawrenceHelion

Blue Inkling Girl

Cosplay by Amsterdoodle Cosplay

Blue Inkling Boy

Cosplay by TotallyTab Cosplay

Orange Inkling

Cosplay by Niea-JPN

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