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The Easiest Overwatch Characters, Ranked


The Easiest Overwatch Characters, Ranked

One hero to rule them all.

The latest team-based shooter, Overwatch is jam packed with a ton of unique characters to accompany all types of playstyles. Characters that all shine in their own way whether it be a head on assault class whose job is to eliminate all enemy contact or on the opposite side of the spectrum with the medic class that stays hidden in the shadows and creeps around the map to watch other teammates and make sure their health doesn’t deplete. In addition to their various play styles, these characters all have different personalities. Whether it be different quotes and sayings to their vastly different appearances each of these characters are all different.

Now that Overwatch is officially out everyone can figure who suits their playstyles the best. Be wary not all characters are easy to use, but they all have abilites and one ultimate power. From Winston’s Primal Rage to Reaper’s Death Blossom that are vastly different with different motives and styles. Struggling playing some of the harder characters in the game? No worries, here are the easest overwatch heros ranked from worst to best.

Picked up Overwatch and need some guidance on who the better classes are in the game? Here are all 21 heroes ranked.

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