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Ranking PS4’s 2016 Exclusive Games, According to Metacritic

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Ranking PS4’s 2016 Exclusive Games, According to Metacritic

Games by numbers.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune – 43

The third title in this volleyball spin-off series received poor reviews across the board with many critics noting the lack of gameplay and lack of new content added.

Crazy Strike Bowling EX – 48

This colorful and amusing bowling title that offered nothing special or interesting that allowed it to stand out among other sports games.

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo – : 50

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo is a survival game that allows players to gain control of a human created creature and attempt to survive in a variety of locations.

Kill Strain – Metacritic Score: 53

This online twin-stick shooter featured a competitive aspect based on a 5v5v2 design that had players either attempt to control energy sources or create havoc with mutants known as The Strain.

The Tomorrow Children – Metacritic Score: 54

The Tomorrow Children is a resource driven game that has players take control of projections that need to rebuild their city after a massive calamity has occurred.

Hardware: Rivals – Metacritic Score: 56

This automotive combat title focuses on a colorful cast of characters that attempt to do battle with a variety of tricked out vehicles that span the gambit from trucks to tanks.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness – Metacritic Score: 58

Star Ocean 5 is a science fiction RPG that features a blend of traditional and new gameplay mechanics such as a free-flowing fighting system.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven – Metacritic Score: 61

Eyes of Heaven is a cookey beat-em-up title that embraces everything that makes the Manga series so enjoyable and amusing.

Here They Lie – Metacritic Score: 62

This PSVR title tasks players with exploring and surviving a warped city that is inhabited by a plethora of monsters and twisted inhabitants.

Shadow of the Beast – Metacritic Score: 64

This side scrolling game developed by Heavy Spectrum features a mix of close quarters combat, platforming, and puzzles that complement the unique creature designs.

Robinson: The Journey – Metacritic Score: 65

Robinson: The Journey is a PSVR title that puts players in the role of a young boy who has crashed upon an alien planet and must find out a way to survive and escape.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution – Metacritic Score: 67

This sequel is a side-scrolling shooter that allows users to take control of a commando chicken that is attempting to stop an evil organization from turning his people into food.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – Metacritic Score: 67

Senran Kagura whose gameplay is in the game chaotic vein as the Dynasty Warriors series, only this title features more half naked women with odd powers.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – Metacritic Score: 69

This RPG based off an anime of the same name mixes real time combat with balancing different party members and exploring a vast world full of monsters and allies.

Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space – Metacritic Score: 71

Developed by Cosmic Picnic, Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space is a platforming game that has a unique focus on momentum and discovering new worlds and creatures.

Bound – Metacritic Score: 71

This unique platforming game focuses around a ballerina that uses her skills as a dancer to traverse a highly stylized world that offers unique challenges and gameplay mechanics.

Headmaster – Metacritic Score: 72

If you enjoy headbutting soccer balls and VR then Headmaster may be the game for you. This mini-game driven PSVR title has the player strike their way through The Football Improvement Center.

Let It Die – Metacritic Score: 72

Let It Die is a rogue-like game that blends elements from titles like Dark Souls to create a unique free to play game that is oozing with personality and wacky character designs. Just be mindful of the skateboarding Grim Reaper.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Metacritic Score: 72

Taking horror VR in a more traditional direction this follow-up to the original Until Dawn is a carnival ride from hell that’s full of jump scares and creepy ax-wielding clowns.

Amplitude – Metacritic Score: 74

Amplitude is a rhythm-based shooter that has users fire at incoming beats in order to get the highest score possible either alone or with up to three friends.

SuperHyperCube – Metacritic Score: 74

Puzzles and virtual reality games go hand in hand, so it should come as no surprise this fast-paced, psychedelic title embraces everything fun about PSVR.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth – Metacritic Score: 75

Set in the Digimon universe, Cyber Sleuth is an RPG that is full of wonderful creatures, animations, and an interesting combat system that embraces the core concepts of the Digimon universe.

Wild Guns Reloaded – Metacritic Score: 75

This pixilated shooter embraces a retro arcade feel while mixing everything from cowboys to robots in order to produce a fast paced indie title.

Tethered – Metacritic Score: 77

Tethered is a unique VR strategy game that has players connect floating isle and build a world full of colorful creatures and wildlife.

World of Final Fantasy – Metacritic Score: 77

Unlike Final Fantasy XV, this title takes a far more traditional approach the famed RPGs layout, only this time every character is small and absolutely adorable.

Grand Kingdom – Metacritic Score: 78

Developed byMonochrome Corporation, this is a turn-based strategy game where players take control of mercenaries who can utilize a plethora of weapons and magic to destroy their foes.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X – Metacritic Score: 78

If you are a looking for a challenging rhythm game than Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is the title for you. Taking elements from games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Project Diva X is a challenging and entertaining music game if you’re a fan of Hatsune Miku’s songs.

Alienation – Metacritic Score: 79

Alienation is an energetic twin stick shooter that blends RPG elements nicely into its classic arcade formula, allowing its chaotic, gorgeous combat to take center stage every time.

The King of Fighters XIV – Metacritic Score: 79

For those wanting to beat up their friends then the latest King of Fighters title is one that shouldn’t be missed. Unlike some modern fighters, this game embraces its traditional roots with challenging combos and a unique roster of characters to pit against one another.

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League – Metacritic Score: 79

Rigs is another PSVR title that allows players to gain control of large mechs and battle it out in an arena for supreme robo-dominance.

Score Rush Extended – Metacritic Score: 80

This bullet-hell shooter is as challenging as it is visually stunning when the action is kicked into high gear. This couch co-op title can be played with up to 4 others and leans on the simplistic, yet difficult nature of its gameplay.

Dragon Quest Builders – Metacritic Score: 83

Combining the world of Dragon Quest with the gameplay of Minecraft, this title is an RPG hybrid that tasks players with constructing and protecting a town of civilians, all while being reminded that you are not a hero.

The Last Guardian – Metacritic Score: 83

After ten years, The Last Guardian has released upon the world and brilliantly brings to life a story of friendship between a boy and his giant, adorable pet Trico. Full of puzzles and challenges, this gorgeous title may have you shedding a few tears once the credits finally roll.

MLB: The Show 16 – Metacritic Score: 85

MLB: The Show 16 not only continues to refine the mechanics and layout for its gameplay but boasts some impressive and entertaining modes such as Franchise.

Ratchet & Clank – Metacritic Score: 85

A recreation of the original game, this title is not only gorgeous to look at but is interjected with solid combat, entertaining weapons, and beautiful level design.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir -Metacritic Score: 87

This side-scrolling action game has sports some gorgeous art direction that helps enhance the moment to moment gameplay based around beating up a variety of different creatures.

Rez Infinite – Metacritic Score: 89

Considered one of the best PSVR games released all year, Rez Infinite offers intense gameplay along with stunning visuals that embrace a retro, psychedelic art style.

Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End – Metacritic Score: 93

Considered by many to be the best game of the year, Uncharted 4 features gorgeous, jaw-dropping visuals that really showcased the power of the PlayStation 4. On top of this was fantastic gameplay and a wonderful story that ties in both humor and themes of moving on as an older action hero.


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