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The Best Overwatch Ultimate Attacks, Ranked


The Best Overwatch Ultimate Attacks, Ranked

Whose ultimate is biggest game changer?

Best Overwatch Ultimate Attacks

Now that Overwatch has officially launched, it’s time to look at our colorful cast of heroes and see who truly can dish out the most punishment. While they have their own strengths and weaknesses, nothing sums up a character more than their powerful ultimate abilities. Each character in Overwatch has a powerful finisher move that can help shape the battlefield and win entire games all on their own. When we looked into ranking these various ultimates, the sheer killing potential was not the only factor we took into consideration. While some of these supers cannot directly kill someone, the ability to alter the game itself really is a big factor. Yes, individual skill is also important when considering this, as some ultimates may absolutely devastating in the hands of a master Overwatch player.

The character’s ability to charge their ultimate will not be a factor, as every Overwatch player is different and that is too much of a variable to judge. Yet, Overwatch’s sheer roster variety certainly offers some truly unique combination’s in terms of both team makeup and chaining supers. Sadly we will not be taking this into consideration as well, as we are solely looking at the ultimates as a singular entity and not if they are even more potent win conjunction with others. Here are the best Overwatch ultimate attacks.

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