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The Best Marvel Post-Credit Sequences, Ranked


The Best Marvel Post-Credit Sequences, Ranked

After credit scenes, assemble!

Marvel is a trend center for the modern age of not just superhero films, but the entire industry itself. From cinematic universes to embracing their comic book roots, Marvel has single handly shoved the entire genre forward. However, no idea has been as successful or popular as the various post-credits sequences after each film. This concept has not only stuck with this company, as almost every big comic book (or just general action) film is pretty much required to have one. While some are to just advance the plot further, others are massive teasers for both comic and movie fans alike. They are so quintessential to these movies that these sequences are pretty much now expected after every film with the Marvel logo on it.

While the idea of post-credit scenes are to tease the audience into what is in the future, some of them have become cultural staples all on their own. The dancing baby Groot at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy spawned a plethora amount of toys and other paraphernalia, despite only showing up for less than a minute. Many of these scenes are not just important to Marvel films but the superhero genre in general, as they set the standard for what an after credits scene should be.

However, some are better than others with regards to both substance and what they represent. While none of these post-credit sequences are “bad,” a lot of them hold far more meaning than just a simple character teaser. We are not going to simply judge them on entertainment factor alone, though that is important, but of the cultural relevance to both the series itself and the genre. Many of these after credits scenes have an extreme impact on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it’s not even as if they are meant to just be a small tease at the end of a movie.

Though with all eyes currently fixated on Marvel and everything they do, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to surprise viewers with an after show clip. Though that has hardly stopped this juggernaut from producing one to two per film. This is our definitive ranking for all of Marvel’s post-credit sequences.

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