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15 Best PS4 Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017


15 Best PS4 Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017

Gift ideas for the PlayStation fan in your life.

Exclusives – The PS4 has seen a whole host of excellent exclusive titles release throughout the year. From Horizon Zero Dawn to Persona 5, to NieR: Automata, there’s something for everyone. If the recipient hasn’t got one of these titles yet, these are a surefire bet for a great gift.

Headset – Whether they want to up the immersion or just keep the noise down late at night, a headset is an integral part of any gamer’s set up. There are a ton of different types to get, from the basic Turtle Beach stereo headsets, right up to the 7.1 Surround Sound, wireless Astro A50s.

Controller – Over countless hours of gaming, a controller can slowly get worn down. The sticks may lose their textured grip, triggers may come loose, or the battery life is just terrible. A replacement every once in a while is always advisable, and you can get them in a variety of different colors, too!

PSVR – If you’re looking for a real showstopper present, then look no further than the PSVR. This virtual reality headset allows players to immerse themselves in their games even more than before. The launch bundle comes with everything you’ll need to get started, as well as a demo disc of sorts to try out your new tech with.

PS4 Pro – If they’re not interested in virtual reality, but you’re still looking for a great, somewhat pricey gift then the PS4 Pro is always an option. If they don’t have one already, the PS4 Pro allows for 4K dynamic gaming (should they have a compatible TV), and can also improve their gaming experiences in more subtle ways on a 1080p TV.

The Thunderjaw Collection Statue- This 15-inch statue of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Thunderjaw machine will be the centerpiece of any gamer’s collection. Lovingly crafted and detailed by TriForce, the Thunderjaw Collection consists of over 200 parts and also comes with a real-life Focus earpiece as seen in the game. Top it off with some lithograph prints, and an exclusive world map and you’ve got quite the box of goodies.

Crash Bandicoot Pop Vinyl – If you’d rather not break the bank on a figure, or if they’ve already got a Pop Vinyl collection, you can always get even more. 2017 saw the return of one of PlayStation’s most iconic mascots, Crash Bandicoot, and as you’d expect, he’s been added to the ever-expanding roster of Pop Vinyls available from FunKo Pop.

PS Plus – PS Plus is kinda crucial if you want to play games online. It also grants discounts on digital purchases, and gets them a bunch of free games to keep each month, too. What’s more, even if they’ve already got a subscription, they can just redeem the code and extend it, meaning it’ll never be a wasted gift!

Ugly Sweater – It’s the holiday season and corny sweaters are pretty much uniform for this time of year. PS4 owners can wrap up warm in this ugly sweater, decorated with the iconic buttons and PlayStation logo.

External Hard Drive – With games now needing to be installed onto the PS4 hard drive, some players may be struggling to find the space for all the titles they want to play. While they can always delete them and reinstall at a later date, it’s not ideal. Grabbing an external hard drive alleviates the problem, ensuring they won’t be wasting time installing games and updates for hours on end.

Socks – A pair (or three) of socks is a classic stocking filler gift, and PlayStation didn’t want to miss out on the trend here, either. You can grab a set of three pairs of jazzy branded socks so they can show their passion for PlayStation on their ankles!

PlayStation Network Gift Card – While many of the biggest games tend to release on a disc, others will only ever be available as a download from the PlayStation Store. A network gift card gives them credit to purchase these games with, without having to put any credit card or other personal information into their system.

Keyring – Keyrings are one of those strange necessities of life we all take for granted. So what better way to bring some of your passion for games to your everyday routine than a PlayStation keyring. With the iconic colors, any old-school Sony fan is sure to appreciate this.

Aloy Plush – If the person you’re buying for is more into soft and cuddly collectibles rather than heavy, delicate statues, then plushies are the way you want to go. Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist, Aloy, was a big hit with fans and it just so happens you can grab a miniature 6-inch plush of her, too!

Persona 5 Hoodie – Persona 5 is one of the highest-rated titles to release this year, allowing players to live the life of a school kid during the day, before stopping some of society’s most evil people by night. This Wanted hoodie will definitely come in handy on those cold winter nights sat in front of the PS4.

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