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The Best Gen 2 Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon GO

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The Best Gen 2 Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon GO

From the cutest to the most rad.

The best gen 2 pokemon to catch in pokemon go

Almost one year after the release of Pokemon GO, the developers of the game have finally added the 2nd generation of Pokemon. The beloved Pokemon of the Johto region are now able to be caught in the real world, with the exceptions of the legendary Pokemon like Suicune. Lugia, and Entei.

We’ve thought of coming up with a list of the best 20 pokemon from Gen 2 that you should be catching in Pokemon GO. If Pokemon GO is your first venture into the world of Pokemon, you can use this list to seek out the cutest, strongest monsters to beat all of those gyms with.

Pokemon GO is a GPS-based game that lets you find Pokemon in the real world via your smart phone. You can find water Pokemon around lakes and oceans and you can bet your butt that you’ll find grass types in wooded areas.

It’s all based on your real world location which works really well and is quite amazing. Niantic plans to add player battles and trading into the game to up the experience as much as they can.

This new update not came with new Pokemon but with more customization options, new types of berries, and an upgraded user experience overall with the app.

Here’s a list of all of the new Pokemon available. these are the best gen 2 pokemon to catch in pokemon go, but there are sure to be more you want.

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