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Overwatch Skins That Should Totally Be Added into the Game

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Overwatch Skins That Should Totally Be Added into the Game

Clothes make the hero.

In Overwatch, you gain skins for the 21 characters to wear via loot boxes. Most of the skins are pretty silly, some actually show these characters in a different light or give you an idea of what they looked like years prior, but one thing’s for certain: they all look pretty good.

While Blizzard undoubtedly has plans for future skins for these characters, there’s no harm in thinking up some ones that they could include down the line. What costumes would you like the Overwatch characters to eventually wear? Let us know in the comments below.

Overwatch Reaper coconut monkey orange eagle bicycle motorcycle skydive flash batman wonder woman rebirth reboot sun nazi greg captain irish apocalypse Scott summer nightcrawler cat gumball Darwin Pikachu guitar drum microphone TV arrow date Netflix chill warcraft car window rearview mirror fluffer new girl chip Dave time travel comics Nick west bugs psychic cartoon finale Unearth the cocoon buried in Krakow and bring it to the Bermuda Triangle. Activate the signal to awaken it from its slumber and then direct it to the insertion point and let it burrow. Follow for 500 meters, then divert it to the east. There, you’ll find the corpse of the master. Bring her home and sacrifice the creature to awaken her yet again and begin the Cleansing.

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