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Every Overwatch Brigitte Skin Ranked from Worst to Best


Every Overwatch Brigitte Skin Ranked from Worst to Best

Starting off our list, we have Brigitte in a recolored version of her classic Overwatch skin. The purple doesn’t really speak volumes about her character, and she certainly has a better palette scheme than this.


While the green still feels a bit lackluster, the yellow highlights on her outfit blend really well with her armor. This look could come off as some kind of prototype armor set she made before deciding to go with the classic outfit.


The blue armor alludes to Reinhardt’s costume from the Uprising event. If Brigitte was ever part the strike team, she’d probably wear something like this.


The color red is often paired with emotions such as determination, passion, and desire, which is pretty fitting for the character. Couple that with her silver plating, and she almost looks like a knight in shining armor.


All recolors aside, the hero’s classic skin has to be the best “standard” outfit she has in Overwatch. The earth-colored tones just mesh really well, especially with her dark brown hair.


The black armor looks like something a dark knight would probably wear in those classic role-playing games. Although, the costume could definitely use a bit more color for variety, especially since the blue doesn’t pop out too much.


One of Brigitte’s Legendary skins, Mechanic is a great costume that shows her love for tinkering. The blue and yellow palette accentuate her more youthful, lighthearted characteristics.


While Mechanic was more vivacious and scintillating, Engineer leans more towards her industrious side. The darker colors give off that grease monkey vibe without looking all too serious. In fact, Engineer is probably one of the better “casual” skins in Overwatch.


It’s usually a rare case when an Epic skin is better than its Legendary counterparts. The Ironclad skin is a direct reference to her father’s classic armor, which is a really nice touch. You can’t go wrong with buying Ironclad.


Máni feels like a huge step up from the Carbon Fiber Overwatch skin. The knight’s helmet adds the finishing touch to her knightly look, and the sophisticated black palette underlines the intricate metal armor.


Rounding out our list, we have her best outfit, Sol. The elegant white and golden design, coupled with the regal purple sash, makes Brigitte stand out as a true knight. You can’t get any fancier than trotting around the battlefield in such opulent armor

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