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Every Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Cosmetic Skin Ranked From Worst to Best


Every Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Cosmetic Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

Every Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Cosmetic Skin Ranked from Worst to Best


11. Bitrate Lucio

This is an Overwatch event skin? This could honestly pass for any old rare Lucio skin. Except for those funky glasses, they definitely fit the description of “epic.”

10. Venom Soldier: 76

Another kind of bland one. The different shades of blue on the jacket look pretty cool, but the mask doesn’t really do much for the solider. We already have one cyborg ninja in Overwatch, Jack.

9. Lightning Tracer

Here’s where the skins start to get pretty good. Tracer’s lightning costume definitely fits her spunky attitude, and her hair makes it look like she’s actually been struck by lightning.

8. Cybjorn Torbjorn

Now this is how you pull off a cyborg. His claw seems to have received quite an upgrade. And look how he lifts that metal component just from the strength of his beard. True manliness.

7. Shieldmaiden Brigitte

Brigitte’s first event skin is a pretty good one. You just know that she was the one who took that bear down.

6. Stealth Bastion

And here we have the first ever pay-to-win skin: Stealth Bastion (just kidding, his stealth game leaves a lot to be desired). I’m pretty sure that the skin is based on some sort of Metal Gear, and if it is, that’s pretty damn awesome. However, Bastion isn’t the highlight here, it is most certainly the robotic Ganymede perched on his shoulder. Playable robot Ganymede when?

5. Forest Spirit Orisa

Orisa’s second event skin is most certainly a cool one. She kind of looks like she could be an enemy in the first Crash Bandicoot game. And is that the Hearthstone logo plastered all over her?

4. Buccaneer Junkrat

How was a pirate Junkrat skin not in Overwatch from the start? He’s got a wooden leg for crying out loud. Pair this skin up with the “KABOOM” voice line, and you’re on to a real winner.

3. Sherlock McCree

These next three skins are honestly so good that they could all be number one. Firstly, the most explicitly copyright infringing skin that there ever was: Sherlock McCree. Not that that’s a bad thing – this skin is awesome! Now all I want is a detective show staring McCree. Genji can be his Watson and Reaper his Moriarty.

2. Magician Symmetra

There’s definitely something magic about the way Symmetra wields the hard-light, so this skin is very fitting, and it looks fantastic. That translucent arm fits so well that it should seriously be retroactively added into her regular design.

1. Formal Doomfist

Magician Symmetra is excellent, but is just a hair away from the awesomeness that is dapper, I mean, Formal Doomfist. I wouldn’t exactly call the humongous fist “formal,” but he’s got the rest of the look down. If this Doomfist were to show up 15 minutes into a Bond movie in a casino, you just know he’s going to be the main villain.

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