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No Man’s Sky Looks Serene and Extremely Pretty in These 30 Screenshots

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky Looks Serene and Extremely Pretty in These 30 Screenshots

True discovery in 30 awesome screenshots.

After about three years of waiting, No Man’s Sky is finally out in the wild. The game, developed by indie studio Hello Games, throws players into a massive universe with 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets. Players will be able to discover new planets, moons and star systems, and get to name these discoveries if they happen to be the first ones to stumble across them.

Because the universe is being generated by a computer with an algorithm of sorts, there’s no telling what you’ll find on the next planet you visit, or even what the conditions of said planet will be like. Even Game Director, Sean Murray, has mentioned that the developers are constantly surprised by what they find in their own game. While No Man’s Sky does feature a shared universe of sorts, the chances of you running into your friends or even other strangers playing the game are extremely slim.

Nevertheless, here are 30 PS4 screenshots to show off exactly what this game is all about. The screenshots feature a couple of the planets we got to visit during our early hours with the game, as well as some of the aliens and wildlife we were able to interact with.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PS4, and will be coming to PC on August 12.

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