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11 Helpful No Man’s Sky Features that the Game Doesn’t Tell You


11 Helpful No Man’s Sky Features that the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Good to know.

Scale Walls With the Jetpack – No Man’s Sky equips you with a jetpack that can come in very handy. When trying to scale a wall, hold X to scale it, and this will work even if you don’t have any fuel left.

Mine Resources With No Cooldown – When mining resources, right before the beam meter overheats, release the button and press it again. The cooldown meter will reset completely.

Fire the Launcher with L1 – You can fire the Boltcaster by hitting triangle to switch weapon modes and hitting R2, but you can only fire the Plasma Launcher with L1. L1 also reloads the Launcher.

Jetpack-Melee to Travel Further – While sprinting, press the jetpack and melee buttons together to give yourself a good speed boost.

Your Ship’s Stacks are Doubled – You can only carry 250 units of one element in each Exosuit inventory slot, but each of your starship slots carry double that number.

Upgrade Placement Matters – When installing technology on your equipment, place relevant upgrades next to each other to increase their effectiveness. For example, place the range boost upgrades next to the scanner and visor, and so on and so forth.

Takeoff Without Expending Fuel – Whenever you land on a landing pad at a base or an outpost, taking off from there doesn’t expend any fuel, so make use of those while exploring a new planet.

Pirate Attacks Depend on How Valuable Your Cargo Is – If you’re carrying lots of rare and valuable minerals in your starship’s cargo, space pirates will be more likely to attack you and send more enemy ships.

Jetpack in the Water – You can also use your jetpack in the water to give you a speed boost while swimming.

Play the Market – Don’t sell off your minerals at a price lower than the galactic average (unless it’s Emeril). Take them to another star system with a higher markup instead.

Shoot Doors Slowly – On planets where the Sentinels are at standard awareness or less, shooting down steel reinforced doors very slowly will not alert them and make them hostile.

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