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7 Things You Should Know Before No Man’s Sky Releases

no man's sky

7 Things You Should Know Before No Man’s Sky Releases

Are you prepared to explore the universe?

It’s All About Exploration…

Your time in No Man’s Sky will largely be spent exploring foreign planets and seeing what they have to offer as you make your way toward the center of the universe. With over 18 quintillion planets for you to explore, there’s no chance that you’re going to run out of fresh and intriguing places to check out. Just don’t expect a sci-fi epic action game. This is one to take your time with, and simply enjoy the incredible universe that Hello Games has created.

And Less So About Combat

With that in mind, it’s important to note now that No Man’s Sky has very little focus on combat. Yes, you can fire at the Sentinels protecting the universe’s resources, or those pirate ships you keep flying by, but this isn’t the next Star Wars Battlefront or anything of the sort. Your main priority here is to explore every nook and cranny of the universe, not to blow it to pieces.

Day 1 Patch Changes Everything

Over the weekend, Hello Games detailed the day one patch that will prepare No Man’s Sky’s universe for the influx of players. Not only does it make keeping hold of resources much easier, but it also brings in three unique paths which will affect the ending you receive. The universe’s algorithm has also been altered meaning that it’s changed entirely, as well as eliminating the trading method that allowed the leaker to reach the center of the universe in 30 hours. It’s gonna take a lot longer this time around.

Spaceship Hoppin’

While it’s true that you can get upgrades for your spaceships in No Man’s Sky, you’ll find that these can only take you so far. When you reach the maximum potential of your current ship, it’ll be time to move on up to a bigger and better model. Spaceship customization and upgrades are limited, so as much as you’d possibly like to stay with the same ship from the very beginning, it’s just not practical to do so. Don’t worry, there are plenty more spaceships in the vast reaches of space.

Alien Conversation

At the beginning of your adventure, you may wonder why your conversations with alien species are seemingly impossible to understand. Hello Games has taken it upon themselves to really introduce some realism into the communication proceedings by making the player learn words and phrases from their surroundings. This, in turn, will allow you to converse more fluently with aliens and understand more of the conversation. You’ll be able to learn parts of alien languages from knowledge stones and plaques, so keep an eye out for these on your deep space travels.

Every Planet is Different

No Man’s Sky’s universe is procedurally-generated meaning that every planet’s properties are completely random and unique to its counterparts. That means that of all of the 18 quintillion plus planets that are available for you to explore in No Man’s Sky, each one will look different, have its own perks, but also its own hazards. Certain animals may only live on a planet, as well as specific weather conditions- a hazard that cannot be overlooked.

Don’t Rush Your Adventure

No Man’s Sky is an experience to savor. Its world is huge and therefore while finding out what lies at the center of the universe is tempting, you’ll miss out a lot of what the game has to offer by simply making a beeline for it. Take your time, explore entire worlds and see what they hide, and get lost in this huge sci-fi sandbox.

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