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17 Nintendo Switch Skins You’ll Want For Your New Console


17 Nintendo Switch Skins You’ll Want For Your New Console

Switch up your style.

There is a lot of debate going on about the Nintendo Switch, but that won’t change the fact that Nintendo’s latest gen console is sure to fly off the shelves come March. It still isn’t clear how the Nintendo Switch will stack up against the latest gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft but only time will tell. What many gamers and anxious consumers have already noticed, however, is that the Nintendo Switch lends itself well to some pretty creative customizations.

Nintendo seems to have missed the mark when it comes to released a ton of different licensed skins through their own online shop but fans have already made their dream skins a reality by sharing the creations they have made on Reddit and Pinterest. With so much support behind these fan-made designs, gamers can only hope that Nintendo will take action and make these beautiful designs a reality.

Fans have created skins that pay homage to some of Nintendo’s most iconic titles including the Super Mario franchise and the latest Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. Other notable characters that found themselves as the inspiration behind some pretty amazing Nintendo Switch skin designs are Kirby, Hatsune Miku and, off course, none other than Link.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably the most highly anticipated title to be released for the Nintendo Switch so it’s no surprise that fans have created a variety of different skins and protectors inspired by the iconic game series. The most popular fan-made designs have come from a Reddit user by the name of DEAD_GIVEAWAY. The stunning designs garnered so much attention online that users have been pushing Nintendo to bring the Reddit user in to help them design some amazing skins moving forward. DEAD_GIVEAWAY sent his resume in to Nintendo and now only time will tell if this fan will now have the opportunity to give Nintendo lovers everywhere some amazing customization options.

Hori Nintendo Switch case design allegedly leaked online

Rumored Hori design leaked online

Fan-made Nintendo Switch designs

Fan-made design by DEAD_GIVEAWAY

Fan-made design by Sekamui

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