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15 Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2017


15 Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2017

An array of Nintendo-related goodies.

Micro SD Card – The Switch is a great console perfect for taking console games on the go. However, it doesn’t have the largest internal storage. It can be expanded with a Micro SD Card, though, so this will likely be an eventual purchase for most Switch owners anyway. Plus, they’ll be able to store even more games on their system, and who doesn’t want that?

SMO or Champions Amiibo – Amiibo have become the big Nintendo craze in recent years, immortalizing fans’ favorite characters into tiny, NFC-enabled figures. Not only do they look cool lined up on a shelf, they also unlock some neat stuff in certain games. The Legend of Zelda Champions amiibo would absolutely be a hit with Breath of the Wild fans, while the Mario Odyssey set would be a welcome addition to any fan’s collection.

eShop Credit – The Switch may play games from physical cartridges, but carrying these tiny things around on top of your system can be a bit of a traveling gamer’s nightmare. eShop gift cards allows players to download all manner of titles off the online store, allowing them to boot up their games from their system without the need to insert a card. Think a gift card but for a Nintendo Switch game store and you’ve got the right idea.

Switch Case – Though the Switch may be a fairly durable and premium-feeling portable system, we still wouldn’t recommend dropping it from a height or throwing it into a bag unprotected with a set of keys. The official protective case is sleek, durable, and also has room to fit any game cartridges, too. It is a little expensive, but there are third-party options available at a cheaper price.

Colored Joy-Con – Throughout the year, Nintendo has released a variety of different colored Joy-Con, allowing players to mix and match their Switch’s color scheme. If that special someone this holiday season has mentioned a particular color they want, or their favorite color just happens to be one that Joy-Con are available in, these are a great mid-priced option.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Light – Breath of the Wild was one of 2017’s smash hit titles, breathing new life (no pun intended) into the Legend of Zelda series. This Legend of Zelda Triforce light would not only look pretty sweet as part of a setup, but it also projects the triforce logo onto a nearby wall.

Extra Dock – It’s great fun using the Switch in portable mode, but for those times you want to continue the fun on a larger screen, you’ll need a dock. While one came with the system itself, others can be purchased separately, though they are pretty pricey. Still, it’s a practical option if their gaming time is split between two different places or rooms.

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts – For Zelda fans that can’t get enough of the beautiful art style that the series is known for. Art & Artifacts is made up of over 400 pages of artwork and illustrations from the entire 30-year history of the series.

HORI Splatoon 2 Squid Plush Carry Pouch – If the official carry case is a little too dull for you, then HORI has you covered. For those Switch players who can’t get enough of the inky shooting action in Splatoon 2, this carry pouch has enough room for your system, cables, games, and a bunch of other stuff, too. Plus, it’s adorable!

Power Bank – The Switch may be a portable powerhouse, allowing players to take typically AAA console games on the go, but its battery life is a little lackluster. Fortunately, with the right power bank, you can charge the system back up and continue playing while you’re at it. An essential for Switch owners who find themselves out and about a lot.

Pixel Pals Mario Light Figure – Mario is an icon of not only Nintendo, but the video games industry as a whole. As such, just about anyone who loves games will appreciate this Pixel Pals Mario light figure. During times of darkness, Mario will be there to illuminate the way… or just the surrounding area to your TV.

Question Block light – If you’d rather not have a luminous Mario staring at you from the other side of the room, how about the iconic question mark block instead? Gamer or not, just about everyone who walks into the room will be able to appreciate this ode to Nintendo’s mascot.

Exclusives – The Switch has had a pretty great year for exclusive. On its release date, the system launched alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and pretty much every month since then there’s been some sort of exclusive to keep players coming back to their systems. ARMs, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario + Rabbids, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokken Tournament DX offer up a variety of different experiences, with one sure to hit the sweet spot for that special someone in your life.

Pro Controller – While the Joy-Con and Joy-Con grip that came with the system are alright for some, other players may prefer a more traditional-feeling controller for their Switch. The Pro controller carries a pretty hefty price tag, but it’s an incredibly comfortable controller to use with a great battery to boot.

Breath of the Wild 25cm Link Statue – If the amiibo just aren’t big enough to show their love for The Legend of Zelda series, then perhaps this Link statue will do the job. The mid-size statue has Link with his bow and arrows at the ready, Sheikah slate by his hip, and comes mounted onto a pretty nice stand, too. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s absolutely worth it.

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