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Nintendo Switch Event: All the Games Announced

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Nintendo Switch Event: All the Games Announced

The games, the beautiful games.

Nintendo Switch Games


The first game that Nintendo decided to show off for the Switch had two cowboys at high noon, as the controller perfectly calculated the amount of time it took to fire. After that we got to witness many different face-offs that focused on speed, accuracy, balance, and more physical feats. Welcome to 1-2-Switch.


In order to further show off the capabilities of the new controllers, the next game revealed was a even more on Nintendo’s eccentric side. A new, motion-controlled boxing fighting game that utilized extending arms in an arena, where your very movements are translated into devastating attacks. This is Arms.

Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

After its presence in the first reveal video from back in October, there was no surprise that Splatoon would make its way to the Nintendo Switch. But it isn’t just a port, the game is getting a bona fide sequel with new features, weapons, and more.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario makes his first official Switch appearance in a game full of bustling cities, a gangster Boswer, new attacks, and a very interesting trick with his signature hat. Super Mario Odyssey looks to be just as quirky and unique as all of Mario’s 3D adventures.

Xenoblade 2

Xenoblade 2 showed off an even more beautiful world than Xenoblade Chronicles X, if that can be believed.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Koei Tecmo is back at it with yet another warriors game, only this time it isn’t with Link. The heroes of Fire Emblem are set to take on the open areas and insane battles of the Warrior series.

New Suda51 Game

Suda51 got on stage sharing his joy for the indie support on the Nintendo Switch and announced his new title with Travis from No More Heroes.


EA got on stage and while they didn’t have Mass Effect in tow, they brought Fifa along for the show and promised Switch exclusive features to take advantage of the new hardware.


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