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15 Naruto Gift Ideas for the Shinobi in Your Life

ultimate ninja storm anime games

15 Naruto Gift Ideas for the Shinobi in Your Life

Spread holiday cheer with the shinobi way!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto fighting games have steadily grown closer to the action you see in the anime. With the most recent release, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, players can experience the break-neck speed of the anime while also pulling off hundreds of signature moves.


There is a lot of of Manga if you want to get the complete Naruto series, but you don’t have to purchase someone every single issue. You can kick off someones collection or buy them their favorite story arc. Either way, it’s a great gift idea for Naruto fans.

Anime and Movies

There are quite a few volumes of anime starting from the first series and ending with Shippuden (for now). With their being hundreds of episodes, you’re best bet is to ask for their favorite stories first and just buying those. Unless you don’t mind spending a lot, in which case you can get every single volume for a few hundred dollars. Amazon has great prices on each volume if you’re trying to save some money.

Pop! Vinyls

Funko Pop! figures are a great gift for fans of all types of franchise. With Naruto being amont the most popular anime to ever release, there’s no surprise that there’s a Pop! collection for it as well. The selection isn’t very large yet, but they look great on shelves and desks.

Ninja Lessons

This particular dojo is in New York City, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find others closer to where you may live. Lessons in the ninja arts are sure to please fans. Just let them know beforehand that they won’t learn to do any Chidoris or Rasengans.


This is probably one of the easiest gifts on here to get as all you need to do is find a Ramen restaurant. It’s Naruto’s favorite food, so why not share that experience with a fan.

Kubikiribocho (Executioner’s Blade)

Zabuza was easily one of the best villains to ever appear on the series, and no fan could forget his powerful, impossibly large blade. You can get a model that can either be displayed or used for cosplay.

Hidden Village Headbands

The world of Naruto is broken down into several hidden villages. Find out which your special someone is a fan of and get them the matching headband. It’s a badge of honor and a way of showing allegiance to the village you vow to represent and protect. Etsy has some really cool ones covering a range of prices for everyone to afford.


There’s a ton of different clothing items you can buy so your giftee can show off their love for their favorite anime. There’s an awesome Akatsuki hoodie for those in touch with their dark side, or a Tsunade dress for any cosplayers you may know. You’re sure to find t-shirts and other items in tons of retailers including Hot Topic and ThinkGeek, so shop around and get some nice threads for you special someone.

Sharingan Contacts

Angelens has a selection of Sharingan contacts, as well as contacts for other abilities such as Byakugan and Toad Sage. This is a great gift idea for any cosplayers you know or just anyone who’s into contacts.


Plushes are a great gift idea. They’re adorable, good for all ages, and are an afordable option when you have to buy for a lot of people (or are just low on cash). Amazon has a wide selection, or you can go hit up Etsy for something a bit more unique.


Statues and figures are great gift ideas if you want to provide some decorations for rooms and offices. They provide a more mature look than Pop! figures and you can get some bad ass scenes going on in your displays.

Jewelry and Accessories

Etsy is a wonderful marketplace, especially when looking for beatuiful gifts you won’t find everywhere else. Jewelry is a great gift idea, as are accessories for anyone you’re shopping for. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts, and who wouldn’t want to wear their love for Naruto?

A Pug (Or Any Dog for That Matter)

Shinobi in the Naruto universe have a lot of cool things. Awesome armor, headbands, huge swords, mystical powers, and ninja dogs. They’re just regular dogs trained in the ways of ninja. Now you probably can’t find an actual, summonable ninja dog, but you can still get them a cuddly friend that they can dress up for cosplay.


Red Bubble has a ton of Naruto canvas prints that would make amazing gifts. It’s a great gift idea if you want to do something more than a poster but are still looking to add a splash of colors to the wall.

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