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30 Most Emotional Gaming Moments That Make You Cry Every Time

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30 Most Emotional Gaming Moments That Make You Cry Every Time

Don’t deny it, you had to hold back the tears.

All of the following emotional moments are spoilers to their respective games. If you’d rather not accidentally stumble upon a spoiler, we advise you turn back now. These are the top moments that made us all feel the feels.

He’d fought his way through countless numbers of Locusts, helped defeat General Raam, and taken the fight to the Locust stronghold underground, and he still couldn’t save his beloved Maria. As Dom apologized profusely to Maria, it’s difficult to hold it together.

We only knew her for all of about 20 minutes, but that was enough for us to see the relationship that Joel and his daughter had in The Last of Us.  Watching her die in Joel’s arms was too much to watch, and a heck of a shock to start the game off on.

Lee’s final moments with Clementine were touching. Having essentially adopted her at the very beginning of your adventure, and Lee saving her in the final episode, it just felt wrong for the game to go the way it did. As Lee guided Clementine through her escape from the room, past the zombie, we held back the tears, knowing Clem was going on her own.

Spec Ops: The Line put you in the shoes of a US soldier, and gave you a very real look at war. In doing so, it put you in some particularly uncomfortable positions, white phosphorus being one of them. Walking through the destruction and pain that you just caused was pretty messed up, and you’d walk away feeling way too much guilt and remorse for the actions you just took.

Dom was our brother in Gears of War. He’d been with us through thick and thin, searching for his beloved Maria along the way. When push comes to shove in Gears of War 3, Dom saves the day in the most heroic way possible. All the while, Mad World plays in the background. Farewell brother.

Rachel Amber was an elusive character in Life is Strange. We never saw her, but the way Chloe talked about her obviously showed how much she cared about her. So, when you do find her, and it’s not good news, it’s understandable that everyone involved, including yourself, is going to be bawling with tears.

Actual Sunlight was a tough metaphorical pill to swallow. At every corner it put up some depressing resistance to our attempts to turn this situation around. It was only toward the end that we realized our resistance was futile, and there was only one way this was gonna go.

Having watched John Marston complete task after task just to settle down with his family, only to be put to an untimely end, was grueling. Particularly the scene in which he is found by his family.

Vesemir had been a teacher to Geralt for many years and had  seen him become the epic Witcher he was from his beginnings as a small child. Essentially a father figure, Vesemir’s death in The Witcher 3 was a true turning point in Geralt’s fight against the Wild Hunt.

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