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Top 15 Most Brutal Super Moves in Injustice 2

injustice 2

Top 15 Most Brutal Super Moves in Injustice 2

They’re no X-Rays, but they’ll do.

Joker – The iconic madman has one of the coolest and most entertaining Super moves in Injustice 2. After stunning his opponent, he forces them back into a torture chair where they’re subjected to all sorts of pain including getting beaten with a crowbar, getting electrocuted, before finally setting off a pile of dynamite that blows them sky high.

Firestorm – Firestorm’s Super move sees him literally fly his victim into a volcanic lava land, bullies them with flaming fireballs, then disappears quickly into the ground. Firestorm then hits his victim from below, throws them onto the floor and hits them with – you guessed it- even more painful fireballs.

Swamp Thing – Swamp Thing’s Super move is one of the most brutal ones in Injustice 2, and also one of the most comedic. After sucking his victim into the ground, they’re slammed around multiple times like a helpless ragdoll before being subjected to a painful smack to the spine. Ouch.

Supergirl – Both Supergirl and Superman love taking their victims to the skies, but Supergirl is a hell of a lot flashier than her cousin. Supergirl flies her victim into space, makes a glorious circle around the sun, and then pelts them with her laser beams, sending them all the way back down to Earth. As if that wasn’t enough, she sends a bunch of meteors crashing their way, too.

Aquaman – Aquaman doesn’t mess around. After skewering his victim multiple times, he sucks them into a whirlpool before literally summoning a bolt of lightning and striking them with his trident. And then a large fish shows up to bite said victim. Just for good measure.

Black Adam – Black Adam’s so ridiculously aggressive in his Super move that he tosses his victim straight into a pyramid from wherever they were originally at, funnels them through the structure before emerging at the top of a pyramid, then summons a huge bolt of lightning that absolutely decimates both his poor opponent and the pyramid itself.

Captain Cold – Captain Cold’s Super move features him taking his victim to a frozen wasteland where he skids circles around them while pelting them icicles from his gun. Almost like a playground bully taking pot shots at a hapless victim. Once he’s had his fun, Captain Cold then drops a giant icicle on top of their heads. Brutal.

Scarecrow – Scarecrow’s Super move is actually terrifying, and it encapsulates exactly why he’s such a scary villain to begin with. After incapacitating his victim with a fear toxin, we get a glimpse inside the victim’s mind and watch as Scarecrow drags them through a literal nightmare before sending them crashing back into reality.

Batman – Batman’s known for all of his cool gadgets, and Injustice 2 doesn’t let fans forget it. With his Super move, Batman stuns his enemy before quickly calling in his jet to take them up into the sky. The jet then fires all sorts of bullets and missiles at his opponent before giving them a hard landing back on solid ground.

Catwoman – Catwoman takes a page out of Batman’s book and decides to resort to vehicular violence as well. As if dragging her victim on the ground by lasso while speeding away on her motorbike wasn’t enough, she leaves them prone on the ground for a second before deciding to smash the entire bike into her victim’s face. Geez.

The Flash – The Flash loves going fast, so it’s only natural that his Super move in Injustice 2 would take you places. After slamming his victim into the wall on one end of the planet, he speeds back in the other direction to slam his victim into the body of a T-Rex in the prehistorical era. After that second slam, he takes his victim back to the arena, but here’s the cool part: because the Flash is so ridiculously fast, when he takes his victim back into the present, he ends up slamming them for the third time into the victim’s own body from when he initially started the Super move.

Green Lantern – Green Lantern has a big imagination, and in his Super move, he builds himself a large mech to pound his victims with. After putting the mech together, he then fires a cannon at them. This Super move is made all the better by the helpless victims retreating in horror just before the cannon fires, and start begging for their lives.

Atrocitus – Atrocitus boasts one of the most brutal Super moves in Injustice 2. After slamming his victim into a flaming rock, he sends his bull charging at them, breaking the rock in the process. As if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeds to hover over his victim and vomits flame all over their face. That’s… a bit much.

Harley Quinn – Harley Quinn’s a maniac, and in Injustice 2, nothing pleases her more than watching her victims get all torn up by her faithful hyenas, which is exactly what she does in her Super move. What makes this move so special, however, is the switch to the first-person camera view where we get to watch the carnage from the victim’s perspective as Harley smashes her bat into our (read: the victim’s) face.

Deadshot – Without a doubt, Deadshot’s Super move is the most violent and coolest one in Injustice 2. After beating his victim over the head with his rifle, he tosses it up into the air before proceeding to knife them in the chest, elbow them in the back of the head, punch them a couple more times, before wrapping things up with one more shot to the stomach. Deadshot then faces away from his victim, catches his rifle, and casually shoots his victim again with a brief look over his shoulder. Bad. Ass.

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