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15 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About MGSV: The Phantom Pain

mgsv: the phantom pain

15 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Kept ya waiting, huh?

Many were very anticipated to see the massive open-world Metal Gear The Phantom pan had to offer that they might have passed up a minor easter egg about Ground Zeroes. During the Prologue mission of the game, there’s a poster of Ground Zeroes  on the cork board in the hospital. It’s a small Easter egg, but it is a cool reference to the game’s prequel.

As many might already have figured out, the mastermind director, Hideo Kojima can be rescued in Ground Zeroes. Well, it has been nine years since  the events that took place in Ground Zeroes and it seems that Hideo Kojima managed to get himself captured again. In the Phantom Pain side op number 112, titled “Intel Agent Extraction” takes Boss on a mission to once again, save Hideo Kojima.

Taking on Quiet’s boss battle with a sniper rifle may not be the easiest way to defeat her. As abnormal as this may sound at first, a very easy method has been discovered. All you have to do is approach the boss battle at night, as it is easier to spot her. Use the binoculars to spot her and then call in supply drops at her location. The supply box will drop from above and hit Quiet on the head, losing a decent amount of health.

As a tactical espionage agent, you are going to get dirty. Thankfully, there are showers in Mother Base so you can still maintain a healthy hygiene. Well, if you don’t take advantage of the showers and use them, Big Boss will begin to smell very bad, to the point flies will begin to attract to his foul smell. When you return to the base in need of taking a shower, Ocelot will have a special cutscene for you in which he throws a bucket of water on you. If you happen to have Quiet as your buddy at the moment, she will intervene and stop him and take you to the showers to bathe with her.

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