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Meet the Voice Actors of Metal Gear Survive’s Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Metal Gear Survive’s Cast

Kaney Murray – Goodluck

Goodluck (Chris) is the main protagonist’s handler in Metal Gear Survive and is a member of the secret research organization, Wardenclyffe. The character is voiced by Kane Murray, a lesser known actor whose resume includes just a single distinction: the role of “computer technician” in the TV series, DCI Banks.

Matthew Mercer – Reeve

Reeve is a former member of XOF that was sucked into the Wormhole at the Ground Zeros Incident. He is the first living character you’ll encounter in the game and a handy combat partner to have around. Reeve is brought to life by Matthew Mercer, whose voice might sound familiar to anyone who has watched the YouTube show Critical Role, in which he regularly hosts. Mercer has also played Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil: Damnation, as well as McCree in Overwatch.

Marisha Ray – Miranda

A former nurse in the real world, Miranda has since become trapped in the parallel dimension of Dite. In Metal Gear Survive, she’s voiced by Marisha Ray, who has a wealth of experience acting in the video game industry. Most recently, Ray voiced characters in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Friday the 13th, and Fire Emblem, but the resume includes literally dozens of games. Anecdotally, Ray is married to fellow Metal Gear Survive voice actor Matthew Mercer, and the characters of Miranda and Reeve (who Mercer plays) are referred to “lovebirds”.

Virgil AT-9

The AI pod with two separate personalities, Virgil AT-9 is voiced by two actors. The female voice is courtesy of Ananda Jacobs, whose resume includes several minor roles in various TV shows. She has, however, starred in one video game production previously: Pokken Tournament.

Noshir Dalal – Seth

A former pal of the Captain during his time at MSF, Seth has since become infected and plays the bad guy in Metal Gear Survive. He’s played by Noshir Dalal, who, in addition to TV series such as Days of Our Lives, has starred in countless AAA video game productions. Uncharted 4, Gears of War, Titanfall 2, and Call of Duty: Blacks Ops II are just some of the big name projects with which Dalal has been involved.

Virgil’s other personality is brought to life by Akira Daniel Duncan. As far as we can tell, Metal Gear Survive is Duncan’s first credit as an actor. And what a bizarre character to dip his toes into the video game industry!

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