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How Well Do You Really Know Metal Gear Solid? Take the Quiz


How Well Do You Really Know Metal Gear Solid? Take the Quiz

Are you a Metal Gear scholar?

Metal Gear Sold Quiz.

1. The only boss character in metal gear solid that’s not a part of FOXHOUND?

A: Cyborg Ninja

2. Who is the only character to appear in every main-line metal gear solid game?
A: Ocelot

3. TRUE OR FALSE Eva is a spy for the Japanese in MGS3
A: False

4. Who were the original founders of the Patriots?
A: Big Boss, Sigint, Major Zero, ParaMedic, Ocelot

5. What do we learn as Sigint’s true identity?
A: DARPA Chief Donald Anderson

6. What name appears on Raiden’s dog tag at the end of MGS2?
A: Player inputted name

7. How can the player trigger a time paradox in MGS3?
A: Kill Ocelot

8. Besides revenge, what is Kaz’s burning obsession in MGSV?
A: Crafting the greatest hamburger

9. On what day does MGSV: Ground Zeroes take place?
A: March 16, 1975

10. Which of the following can you NOT do with the cardboard box in MGSV?
A: Capture animals

11. What kind of soda does Little Gray (Drebin’s monkey) drink in MGS4?
A: Narc Soda

12. What is Drebin’s number in MGS4?
A: Drebin 893

13. In order of main-line games (MGS1-5), what are Ocelot’s allegiences?
A: USA, The Patriots, Russia, The Patriots, Big Boss

14. What is the fastest transportation in MGSV (besides the helicopter)?
A: D-Horse

15. What movie inspired Zero’s “Major Tom” codename at the opening of MGS3?
A: The Great Escape


1-5: You might wanna give the series a replay and brush up your knowledge!

6-10: You know the world pretty well, but maybe forget some of the smaller details.

11-13: You know Metal Gear like the back of your hand, and this score shows it.

14-15: Wow! You truly are a Metal Gear Solid scholar. Congratulations!


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