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Meet the Voice Actors of Vampyr’s Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Vampyr’s Cast

Vampyr is Dontnod Entertainment’s latest game, and as you’d expect from a developer with such experience in story-driven adventure games, story and characters are the heart of its most accomplished features. There are some terrific voice actors that bring to life the story of Vampyr.

Anthony Howell is an English actor with an extensive amount of experience in the video game industry. He’s most recently voiced minor roles in AAA productions such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Battlefield 1. Howell has also played various roles on-screen, too, such as in Medici: Masters of Florence. He takes center stage in Vampyr as the game’s main protagonist, Dr. Jonathan Reid. Voice actors.

Spanish born actor Beatriz Romilly’s resume mostly consists of British television series roles, but she’s also had experience in several AAA productions. Most notably, minor roles in franchises such as Final Fantasy and Company of Heroes. In Vampyr, she voices the role of Old Bridget, leader of the Sewer Skals. Voice actors.

The soft and eloquent voice of Lady Asbury is that of Katherine Kingsley, a British actress. Kingsley has appeared in several ITV and BBC productions in Britain, as well as Black Mirror. Lady Ashbury is one of Vampyr’s central characters, and, depending on your choices, the love interest of Dr. Reid. Voice actors.

Mark Monero was born in 1968 in London, England. Roles in British television drama, only having voice acted in one video game previous, 007: GoldenEye in 2010. Walking Dead, Barnes. Voice actors.

Christina Cole is a Londoner best known for the TV series What a Girl Wants. She plays three roles in Vampyr, though you’ll first meet her as Sabrina Cavendish – the barmaid at Tom Watt’s bar down in the Docks.

Natasha was born in Liverpool, England. Little has voiced minor roles in several video games, including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dragon Age: Origins. You might recognize her from the Black Mirror episode, Shut Up and Dance, in which she played the role of Karen. Little plays four different roles in Vampyr.

Mark Monero was born in 1968 in London, England. He’s best remembered for roles in several British television dramas and playing Barnes in The Walking Dead. Monero’s only voice acted in one previous video game previous, 007: GoldenEye in 2010.

McCullum is the main antagonist in Vampyr, as the leader of the Vampire hunting order, the Guard of Priwen. The character is voiced by Ben Peel, a young British actor best known for the UK Crime Drama, The Fall. He’s only been involved in a video game production once before, as a male voice in Star Wars Battlefront II.

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