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Meet the Voice Actors of Detective Pikachu’s Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Detective Pikachu’s Cast

Detective Pikachu is finally out in the West and it is a glorious time indeed. Originally releasing back in Japan over two years ago, Detective Pikachu puts you in the shoes of Tim Goodman, a young adult who is on a mission to find his father who has mysteriously disappeared whilst on a case. Tim meets Pikachu, his father’s partner Pokemon, who strangely loves to drink black coffee and make bad jokes. Tim Goodman is the only person who can understand Pikachu, which makes for some pretty funny situations.

Using the help of the Pokemon detective, Tim has to solve multiple cases throughout Rhyme City to get to his father, all while helping out the citizens and other Pokemon as well. Detective Pikachu’s gameplay is reminiscent of other investigative games like Ace Attorney and Professor Layton. You end up at a “crime” scene of sorts and must examine objects, interview witnesses/Pokemon, and put the pieces of the puzzles together to complete the case.

Did we mention that Detective Pikachu also has a wide array of voiced cut-scenes with a colorful cast of characters? The game has tons of voice acting to listen to, so much, that we put together a list of the main cast for Detective Pikachu.

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