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Meet the Voice Actors of Nioh’s Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of Nioh’s Cast

Meet the cast!

Nioh’s Cast Voice Actors

Born in Belfast, Northern Island, Nioh is one of Peel’s first video game roles as a voice actor and it is as the lead character of Team Ninja’s game. William is an Western samurai who is in pursuit of an enemy in 1600’s Japan.

Masachika Ichimura the voice actor is best known for playing Jack Skellington in the KH series but he has also appeared in a couple of Professor Layton games. He has also played parts in a number of high profiles stage musicals.

Most of Shizuka Ito’s roles are in smaller Japanese titles but one role from last year stands out. She plays Widowmaker in Overwatch and has gone on to be heard in Nioh this year.

Yōhei Tadano has dubbed many famous Western movies for Japanese audiences but he has also appeared in a few video games, including Heavenly Sword and Street Fight IV.

Hiroshi Tsuchida has had his voice feature in many high profile video games. He has played in Killzone 2, the Sould Calibur series, the Yakuza series, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. He his now playing Nagamasa Kuroda in Nioh.

Tessho Genda is an experienced voice actor and Nioh is by no means his only video game role. His voice has featured in the Splinter Cell series, the Tales series, the Kingdom Hearts series, the God of War series (playing the Japanese dub of Kratos), and the Dragon Ball series, among other games.

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