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Meet the Voice Actors of Madden 20’s Voice Cast for Face of the Franchise QB1

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Meet the Voice Actors of Madden 20’s Voice Cast for Face of the Franchise QB1

Madden 20 has arrived and fans are jumping into the various game modes that are being served up this year. While Longshot is gone, there is a new Face of the Franchise mode which gives you a slightly more personalized version of the traditional Superstar Franchise option. Here’s are the voice actors of Madden 20’s voice cast for Face of the Franchise QB1.

Madden 20’s Voice Actor Voice Cast for Face of the Franchise QB1

Isaiah Streets – Rickey Brown

What would Madden 20’s Face of the Franchise’s QB without his star wide receiver? Rickey Brown takes center stage in Madden 20’s new mode, serving as the WR1 voice actor.

Brown is best known for his supporting roles in Central Intelligence, Lucifer, and Bosch.

Image courtesy of IMDB

Jack Ford – Rus Blackwell

Rus Blackwell returns to voice Jack Ford in Madden 20, providing all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed in the new Face of the Franchise mode.

Fans may recognize Blackwell for one of his many supporting roles on the silver screen, including Lt. Col. K.N. Ritchie in Battle Los Angeles.

Image courtesy of Walking Dead Fandom

Jojo – Secunda Wood

Jojo is voiced by Secunda Woods. For the last decade, the actress has been padding her video game voice acting resume with appearances in America’s Next Top Model, The Division, and Days Gone.

Image courtesy of IMDB

Les Moore – Andrew Pifko

Veteran voice actor Andrew Pifko lends his vocals to Madden 20, starring as Les Moore. If his voice intimidates sounds, it may come from his experience voicing the main character of The GodFather video game series, Aldo “The Player” Trapani.

Image courtesy of IMDB

Todd Atwood – Josh Banks

Josh Banks’ role as Todd Atwood in Madden 20’s Face of the Franchise mode is a departure from his usual gig, as he lends his voice actor talents to the sports video games rather than dramatic movies or television. He is best known for his roles in The Bourne Legacy, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Madoff.

Image courtesy of IMDB

Coach – Jerry O’Donnell

Madden 20 boasts another veteran voice actor talent for the Face of the Franchise mode, bringing in Jerry O’Donnell to serve as Coach. While he’s a Coach in this game, O’Donnell can be remembered as law-abiding citizen and gun enthusiast Chuck Hadley in L.A. Noire.

Image courtesy of IMDB

Taylor Bennett – Jen Welter

Jen Welter has gone from breaking boundaries in the NFL – becoming the first female NFL coach – to making a name for herself in the voice acting industry. She lends her Football knowledge to Madden 20 as Taylor Bennett.

Image courtesy of Arizona Cardinals

Emily Atwood – Olivia Aaron

Olivia Aaron lends her voice to a video game as a voice actor seemingly for the first time, as there isn’t any history of any of her previous works available. She is the voice actor of Emily Atwood in Madden 20’s Face of the Franchise mode.

That’s all you need to know about Madden 20’s voice actors for Face of the Franchise QB1’s voice cast. Hope you enjoyed this brief story mode.

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