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The Most Gorgeous Games We’ve Seen During 2016’s Summer


The Most Gorgeous Games We’ve Seen During 2016’s Summer

Summer of beauty.

When it comes to video games the graphics and art direction have always been critically important to a title’s success. While not every game needs hyper-realistic graphics, the overall look and design of a game’s characters, world, and items can help convey the entire concept of a story. Without The Witcher 3‘s drab, pastel color pattern it wouldn’t be able to convey the sense of dread and misery that surrounds the story. When looking back over the games we received this summer there is no doubt that some truly gorgeous looking video games came down the pipeline. It’s important to note that when judging which titles are the summer’s best looking, that we did not factor in the quality of the game itself.

We are solely looking at the aesthetic design and art direction, not the gameplay, mechanics, or how the visual design reinforces those ideas. Given this is the summer and not as many games release we will be taking into account some title’s DLC, but this is going to be far rarer. Also, any game in Early Access or Beta will not be included as their entire design is subject to change over time. However, these are the games that made us stop playing and just stare at our televisions for longer than we’d like to admit.

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