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25 Hysterical Steam Reviews That Deserve to be Hung up on Your Wall and Framed

steam summer sale, 2018

25 Hysterical Steam Reviews That Deserve to be Hung up on Your Wall and Framed

10/10 would laugh again

Perhaps kangaroos should be added in next patch?

Do parents even know what the ESRB is anymore?

Remember everyone, practice makes perfect!

For those of you who remember the campaign and not the one man army noob-tubes . . .

Have you even lived if you haven’t met a Russian on CS:GO? Asking for a friend.

Well he can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Before you all pull out your calculators, 28,500.5 hours is a little over three years. The more you know.

Sims aren’t for the faint of heart.

How can 12 year olds scream at other players in an online game without getting their parents mad? Just a thought.

When GTA is literally life.

If anyone else has the same issue, there is probably a tutorial on YouTube that you can look up.

Dabbing was SO two months ago man, get with the times Steam!

If you’re going to have escort missions in a game, might as well make them real human players. Then if they get killed you know where to put the blame.

It’s always 4:20 somewhere.

Spoken like a true cheapskate.

F is for friends who do stuff together . . .

At least it wasn’t the monitor.


But it is a biohazard? This review is obviously incomplete.

At least there isn’t a chubby PE teacher who makes you run laps every time you miss a goal.

Hardcore cosplay.

Hopefully now Sega knows what to do with Sonic.

I commend Stardew Valley for teaching the younger generation on the pitfalls of relationships. And getting denied.

steam steam steam

8/8 would pun again.

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This review needs to be updated with comparisons between the PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

Inflation is the way of the future.

What about being able to carry a sword without being stopped by a police officer?

RIP Squad / February 3rd-February 3.5

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