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How Much You’ll Spend on Remasters vs. How Much The Original Costs Now


How Much You’ll Spend on Remasters vs. How Much The Original Costs Now

Comparing the costs.

This generation has seen a bunch of the most popular games from last generation get their visuals polished, additional content packaged in (in some cases), and generally get a bit of a dust off before being re-released on the newest systems.

This is a great means of getting newcomers who maybe didn’t own one of the consoles from last gen to experience some of the best around, but for those who have access to these original platforms, there is always the option to go and experience them as they were a few years back. What’s more, the cost could be a hell of a lot cheaper. To put this point to the test, we’ve taken a bunch of games that saw remasters on PS4 and Xbox One and compared their prices to their last-gen counterparts.


The Last of Us PS4: $19.99 Download Amazon

The Last of Us PS3: $9.99 Download Amazon

BioShock: The Collection – $59.99 Amazon

BioShock’s on PS3 bought individually: $37.82 Amazon

Dead Rising Xbox One: $19.96 Amazon

Dead Rising Xbox 360: $16.28 Amazon

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One: $29.80 Amazon

Halo 1-4 bought individually Xbox and Xbox 360: $84.02 Amazon

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4: $37.33 Amazon

Uncharted 1,2,3 PS3: $29.96 Amazon

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One: $16.69 Amazon

Gear of War Xbox 360: $23.99 Amazon

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition PS4: $15.94 Amazon

Sleeping Dogs PS3: $14.99 Amazon

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell PS4: $20.19 Amazon

Saints Row IV: $17.50 Amazon

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection PS4: $44.99 Amazon

Heavy Rain and Beyond PS3: $36.25 Amazon

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Xbox One: $19.99 Amazon

Tomb Raider Xbox 360: $14.90 Amazon

Grand Theft Auto V Xbox One: $29.99 Amazon

Grand Theft Auto Xbox 360: $17.99 Amazon

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PS4: $29.96 Amazon

Valkyria Chronicles PS3: $15.97 Amazon

DMC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition PS4: $17.20 Amazon

DMC: Devil May Cry PS3: $14.98 Amazon

God of War III Remastered PS4: $20.76 Amazon

God of War III PS3: $13.45 Amazon

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PS4: $18 Amazon

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PS3: $9.88 Amazon

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster PS4: $22.25 Amazon

Final Fantasy X and X-2 PS2: $25.99 Amazon

Metro Redux Xbox One: $11.92 Amazon

Metro 2033 and Last Light Xbox 360: $37.59 Amazon

Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4: $19.99 Amazon

Dishonored PS3: $13.80 Amazon

Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition PS4: $16.43 Amazon

Darksiders 2 PS3: $11 Amazon

Resident Evil 6 PS4: $16.53 Amazon

Resident Evil 6 PS3: $12.66 Amazon

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