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7 Ways to Experience Final Fantasy XV Without the Actual Game

Final Fantasy XV

7 Ways to Experience Final Fantasy XV Without the Actual Game

Has one game ever had so many spinoffs?

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae
Episode Duscae was included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as the first playable demo for the common public. It takes place in the Duscae region and focuses on Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus hunting a Behemoth to raise funds to pay for car repairs after the Regalia breaks down.

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo
Immediately following the Uncovered event back in March, Square Enix released a new demo for free to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, called the Platinum Demo. Sporting a more polished battle system than Episode Duscae, it takes place inside Noctis’s mind as he dreams and reminisces about his youth. Completing the Platinum Demo unlocks the summon Carbuncle in the main game.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV
Brotherhood was first revealed during the Uncovered event. It is a 5-episode anime series that is being released for free on YouTube in the months leading up to the game’s September launch. Each episode focuses on one of the four main party members and helps to give insight as to how the quartet became such close friends. Episode 1 and episode 2 are currently available to watch.

Justice Monsters Five
Justice Monsters Five is a pinball game that will be playable as a mini-game in Final Fantasy XV, but before that it will be launching as a free-to-play mobile game. Pre-registration is currently open for both iOS and Android, and it’s currently set for a June launch. Odds are we will hear more about it before E3 is over.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Another one of the many titles announced at Uncovered, Kingsglaive is a full-length feature film in the vein of Advent Children and The Spirits Within. King Regis and Lunafreya are the main characters in the film, as well as the head of Regis’ guard, Nyx. The film will be included with the special edition version of the game, but will be available to view online before then. There will also be a limited theatrical release at select cinemas throughout the United States on Aug. 19.

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV
Kingsglaive isn’t the only piece of FFXV media to focus on King Regis. A King’s Tale is a retro-styled side-scrolling beat-’em-up that looks at Regis 30 years before the events of the main game. This game is exclusive to Game Stop and EB Games, and will come packaged with the main game on Sept. 30 for anyone who pre-orders from those retailers.

Final Fantasy XV
This is the big kahuna. The main event. According to director Hajime Tabata you do not need to play or watch any of the previously mentioned titles to fully understand or enjoy Final Fantasy XV, but each one supplements the main game in different ways. It is set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 30.

Final Fantasy XV VR Experience
The FFXV VR Experience was revealed during Sony’s E3 2016 stage show, and Hajime Tabata confirmed that it will not be a standalone title. It is intended to be another mode as part of the main game, one that will probably be released down the line as DLC. In the side-story the player controls Prompto who dons a PSVR headset as you control him in first-person.

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