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Here Are the Voice Actors of Watch Dogs 2’s Cast

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Here Are the Voice Actors of Watch Dogs 2’s Cast

The voices of the future.

Watch Dogs 2 has an amazing cast of characters that will join you on your journey to stop Blume and the CtOS from ruining San Francisco along with the rest of the world. Of course, there was some series talent needed to bring such a vibrant cast to life. Check out the voice actors that brought the humor, emotion, and everything else to the experience.

Marcus “Retr0” Holloway – Ruffin Prentiss

Ruffin Prentiss is an actor that has been in TV and Film for a few years now. He plays Darien in Power, and was Barry in Madam Secretary. He voices the protagonist, Marcus, in Watch Dogs 2.

Sitara Dhawan – Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles is a Canadian actress who has appeared in TV series such as iZombie and The 100, and is slated to appear in Prison Break: Sequel. She voices Sitara, the linchpin of DedSec who has a flair for art.

Wrench – Shawn Baichoo

Wrench is like your best buddy in Watch Dogs 2. His mask is animated to show his emotions and he’s a wiz when it comes to tech. He’s voiced by Shawn Baichoo who has appeared in a number of games including Outlast, I Am Alive, Far Cry Primal, and the original Assassin’s Creed.

Josh – Jonathan Dubsky

Jonthan was Berg in the movie Warm Bodies, and appeared in other smaller films such as Mars is Laughing at Us, All for Davey, and Sweet As. He voices Josh.

Horatio – Michael Xavier

Michael Xavier has appeared in quite a few TV series including Murdoch Mysteries, The Best Years, and Bitten. He lends his voice talents to Watch Dogs 2 as Horatio, one of your friends in DedSec.

Dusan – Christopher Jacot

You’re going to end up hating Dusan because of how good a job Christopher Jacot (The Strain, Rogue) does at portraying this pompous antagonist.

Miranda – David Collins

Jimmy Siska – Billy MacLellan

T-Bone – John Tench

T-Bone, the wild hacker with a penchant for explosions makes his return in Watch Dogs 2. John Tench reprises his role as the eccentric genius.

Lenni – Ashlie Atkinson

Lenni, the leader of Prime 8 (like the monkey) is voiced by Ashlie Atkinson who has had roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Inside Man, Compliance, and My Best Day.

HR Advisor – Susan Glover

Shirley – Amber Goldfarb

Congressman Thruss – Marcel Jeannin

Congressman Thruss, the man nobody wants representing San Francisco, is voiced by Marcel Jeannin. He’s appeared in many video games, including just about every single Assassin’s Creed.

Haum CEO – Robert Montcalm

Robert Montcalm voices the cocky Haum CEO who openly challenges DedSec. He’s appeared in movies such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, and was recently part of the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided cast.

Broky – Ken Proulx


Brody is voiced by Ken Proulx. He seems to have an affinity with video game characters who’s names start with B as he voiced Benny in Far Cry 3.

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