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Here Are the Voice Actors of the Overwatch Cast


Here Are the Voice Actors of the Overwatch Cast

Heroes need voices, too.

Overwatch american dad fan dad broken ankle cards against humanity eat alien find gold see the void

warning call mating season mass effect mirror’s edge catalyst ps3 xb2 bs sarah erin carver monkey asperger’s, chair, owl mirror car blue Hyndai zit cream TV uncharted pillow cover funko finn star wars the flash arrow comforter star wars the force awakens emily who the hell are you lying to me why did you do that oh god the beast is here run  away no wait it’s going for those three kids get the shotgun don’t miss dude what the fuck you missed oh shit one’s dead don’t miss again GODDAMMIT ARCHER well great now two kids and a werewolf are dead oh god how will we cover this up shit we gotta do something i can’t go to jail again

we have no one that can help us we have to hide it somewhere, just throw it in the creek and we’ll hope for the best we need an alibi so we aren’t suspected call my wife and fill her in she’s a great liar but otherwise we keep the lie between the three of us

also how about that Overwatch huh

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