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Here Are the Voice Actors of the Mafia III Cast

Mafia III

Here Are the Voice Actors of the Mafia III Cast

You know that voice, you don’t speak of it, you rat.

Here’s the voice actors for 2K’s open world crime game, Mafia III!

Alex Hernandez provides the voice for Mafia III’s protagonist, Lincoln Clay. Most may remember him as Isaac in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove, or as Manuel in Black Box.

Alex Hernandez as Lincoln Clay

Erica Tazel as Cassandra

Tazel is perhaps best remembered for her role as Rachel Brooks on the FX series Justified, along with being Jessica Williams on the CBS series, Jericho. In the game, she plays Cassandra, one of your Underbosses.

Burke’s had a few voice acting roles (he been one of the voice actors for both Killzone 3 and Dead Rising 3), but he’s most likely remembered for The Haves and the Have Nots as Byron Marshall, and Derrick in Eastsiders. In Mafia III, he plays Sammy, Lincoln’s adoptive father.

Rick provided the voice for Vito back for Mafia II in 2010, and he’s back again here as a lieutenant for Lincoln. He’s also been the narrator for the series Deadly Devotion, Ken on Young and the Restless, and he also voiced Agent Daniels in Spec Ops: The Line.

Rick Pasqualone as Vito Scaletta

You remember that old show, The Famous Jett Jackson? You remember Sheriff Wood Jackson? Yeah, that was Gordon Greene, and he’s here in Mafia III as Father James.

Gordon Greene as Father James

Mafia III is O’Rourke’s first voice acting role, where he plays Underboss Thomas Burke. Most of his credits come from producing or as a unit director, but he’s got four projects on the way: Silent Voice, Smartass, Velvet Gentleman, and South of Hope Street.


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