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Here Are the Voice Actors of Skylanders: Imaginators’ Cast

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Here Are the Voice Actors of Skylanders: Imaginators’ Cast

The voices behind the toys.

If you’ve heard of the Skylanders series, then you’re aware of how Activision and Toys for Bob have managed to bring toys to life in these surprisingly stunning video games. Nothing has changed for the latest installment, titled Skylanders Imaginators. While players will be able to create their very own warriors this time around, you can still expect a large cast of heroes from past games showing up to guide you and push back the forces of evil alongside you. Oh, and there’s some bad people too… who can forget Kaos?

It’s amazing how voice actors can bring each and every one of those characters to life. Here you’ll find a gallery of all the people who lent their time and talent to Skylanders Imaginators as they inject some fun and personality into the experience.

Alex Fernandez: Uka Uka
Danial Hagen : Eon
Darin De Paul: Gill Grunt
Greg Eagles: Aku Aku
Greg Proops : Brain
Jess Harnell: Crash Bandicoot
Jonny Rees: Jet-Vac
Jp Karliak : Wolfgang
Kari Wahlgren: Tessa
Lex Lang : Dr. Neo Cortex
Max Mittelman: Pandergast
Richard Steven Horvits: Kaos
Steaphanie Sheh: Ember
Tara Platt: Punk Shock
Yuri Lowenthal: Trail Blazer/Fright Rider
Brittany Uomoleale
Charles Adler
Crispin Freeman
Edward Bosco
Hynden Walch
Jennifer Hale
Neil Kaplan
Sara Cravens
Trevor Devall
Xander Mobus

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