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Here are the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s Cast

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Here are the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s Cast

Meet the cast.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest entry in the survival horror series from Capcom. Players deal with an entirely new threat while facing a new flavor of horror for the series, one full of dread at every turn and a much more serious approach. Bringing the main cast alive is a talented group of voice actors and actresses that make everything even more horrific.

Do note that some characters will be spoilers, so read ahead at your own risk.

Chris Redfield is only revealed at the very end of the game, after he saves Ethan and introduces himself solely as Redfield. He works for the Umbrella Corporation which has some believing that this may actually be HUNK. Here is the Resident Evil 7 voice actor.

Eveline ages dramatically if not given her maintenance injections, leading to this withered appearance throughout the game. Here is the Resident Evil 7 voice actress.

Eveline is the mysterious little girl at the center of Resident Evil 7’s horrific events.

Zoe is one of the few people you can count on during Resident Evil 7, even if she is a member of the Baker family.

Lucas Baker is Jack and Marguerite’s son, and a lover of gadgets as well as horrific “tests” which he treats as cruel games. Here is the Resident Evil 7 voice actor.

The Baker mother is an absolute nightmare. She’s always in a frazzled state, hell bent on keeping you inside the house while also maintaining her privacy. Her love for insects makes her the creepiest enemy in Resident Evil 7.

The scariest dad you’ll probably ever see, Jack has been around since the first demo and is no less intimidating in the full game.

Mia is Ethan’s wife who went missing some time ago. It’s for her that the player finds themselves in Dulvey, Lousisiana dealing with the horrors that Resident Evil 7 throws around.

The main protagonist, and the character that players take control of, Ethan is just a simple man looking for his wife when he gets pulled into a terrifying mystery in Louisiana that includes a homicidal family and several missing people.

The voice acting cast for Resident Evil 7 is very diverse and full of a lot of talent.

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