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These Hellblade Photo Mode Screenshots Look Utterly Gorgeous On Xbox One X

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These Hellblade Photo Mode Screenshots Look Utterly Gorgeous On Xbox One X

Hellblade just released on Xbox One and brings the award winning narrative and awesome visuals to the platform. The story follows Senua, who is battling with demons both mental and physical. The game initially released exclusively on PS4, so it’s great to see it come to Xbox. It features amazing motion capture, a fantasy world grounded in reality and an important study on mental health. Of course, this being Xbox, the game is also landing on Xbox One X meaning that the game looks better than ever. To celebrate the release of this awesome game, we’ve gathered together some of the best Xbox One X screenshots we could find. Enjoy!

A truly nightmarish world, by ElephantBallGT

Senua discovers a bloody glyph in this photo by Miieep

Beauty often shines through the darkness in Hellblade, by Miieep

Xbox One X best pictures

In Hellblade, nothing is ever exactly as it seems, by Marlon

Best compilation screenshots

This amazing screenshot by reprobate shows just how detailed the Xbox One X can get

Thanks to the Xbox One X, the lighting in Hellblade has never been better, by JonathanX

Senua stands tall in this great shot by It’s Leo!!.

Two fighters enter, one leaves in this screenshot by Paulo Mendes.

This shot by Juliano Silva shows off Hellblade’s award winning motion capture.

Check out these amazing xbox one x photo mode screenshots.

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