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15 Games the NES Classic Should Have Included

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15 Games the NES Classic Should Have Included

So many classics!

With the recent release of the NES Classic, we take a look at some of the great games that released on the original system that should have made their way onto the new version.

Castlevania III

With branching paths and three assistant characters to help you on your adventure, Castlevania III was considered a return to the series’ roots and a return to form following the lackluster II.


With its multiplayer gameplay, and beautifully drawn visuals, Contra was an action epic for the masses. It offered one hell of a challenge, too.

Duck Tales

With its colorful graphics and excellent game design, DuckTales provided a great game for fans of the Disney animated TV series. It also featured one incredible 8-bit soundtrack to rock out to while you’re in search of the five treasures.


Telling the story of a bold rescue mission to save your friend, Strider felt similar to Metroid but on more of a globetrotting mission rather than one of backtracking. A great Metroidvania-style platformer that deserves to be on the NES Classic.

A Boy and his Blob

A Boy and His Blob follows an unnamed boy and his… blob as they embark on an adventure to save the planet of Blobolonia from evil. It’s unique Jellybean mechanic that allowed the blob to transform into different objects and help you navigate the world provided some of the most entertaining gameplay in the NES era.

Duck Hunt

With some of the most compelling score-chasing gameplay of all time, Duck Hunt is a classic that never gets old no matter how many times you head back to it. We’d need a remake of the NES Zapper too, but we’d be totally fine with that.

Metal Gear Solid

An unforgettable experience and providing some of the most innovative gameplay of its time, Metal Gear Solid was the beginning of Snake’s epic stealth adventure. Though it suffered from occasional freezes, it’s a small price to pay to revisit this iconic piece of gaming history.

Final Fantasy II

As your group of characters embarks on a rebellion against the Empire that killed their parents, players would level up their characters, gain new weapons and magic, and complete countless quests to defeat evil. Classic Final Fantasy gameplay with a beautiful artistic style.


Though it never got released outside of Japan on the NES, Mother adopted the gameplay of the Dragon Quest series and brought it into a more modern setting. The game offers a pretty steep challenge, but its stylish visuals and effective soundtrack make the grind a joy.

The Legend of Zelda

With a blend of action, adventure, and RPG elements, The Legend of Zelda was the beginning of Link’s many adventures to stop the evil Ganon and restore the Triforce of Power. It’s gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack have stood the test of time leaving this game as an all-time classic.

River City Ransom

With a combination of action, adventure, beat-em-up and RPG elements, River City Ransom had you battling it out with rival gangs, purchasing junk food and new moves as you attempted to save River City High and Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi. An excellent beat ’em up title that is often overlooked for Double Dragon.


Players assume the role of Zitz the Battletoad as you embark on a quest to defeat the Dark Queen who has kidnapped your fellow Battletoads, Rash and Pimple.  You’ll race high-speed vehicles, beat down anything that stands in your way, and be challenged the whole way through. An incredibly tough game even by today’s standards.

Mega Man

Making your way through each of Mega Man’s six initial stages, defeating the boss and acquiring their unique weapon was a real challenge, and that’s if you got the sequence right. Part of the challenge was working out which unique weapon you should get first in order to help you take down another boss battle and so on. A fiendishly difficult platformer that required impeccable timing.

Dragon Warrior

One of the NES’ original hits, Dragon Warrior is a typical grinding RPG from the 90s that required a ton of time, equipment management, and tactics if you were to succeed. A solid old-school RPG that deserves a place on the NES Classic.


What good is a NES Classic console without the inclusion of Tetris? The classic block falling puzzle game is a legacy of video games and provides some of the most basic yet compelling gameplay to ever grace a system.

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