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15 Games We Hope Blow E3 2016 Out of the Water

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15 Games We Hope Blow E3 2016 Out of the Water

We need to get our hands on these!

E3 is just around the corner and gamers around the world are rejoicing. Not only does it bring with it a bunch of announcements regarding previously unknown projects, but it also gives us a chance to find out how upcoming titles are shaping up. With the likes of The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky, and Final Fantasy XV all set to be appearing in one form or another at E3, there will be plenty of information coming out of the expo about some of this year’s biggest games. This feature will take you through 15 games that we hope will blow E3 2016 out of the water. While for some of them we know very little about their gameplay or story, a new gameplay trailer or some hands-on time with them may what they need to make to truly shine. Whether it’s Final Fantasy XV after its 10 year wait, or Horizon: Zero Dawn making another appearance at E3 following its excellent debut, these are games that will have everyone grinning with happiness should they make an appearance. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 15 games we hope will blow E3 out of the water next week. Of course, be sure to check back with Twinfinite next week for previews, features, round-ups and interviews from this year’s expo.

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