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15 Game of Thrones Gifts Perfect for any Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms

game of thrones crown replica

15 Game of Thrones Gifts Perfect for any Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms

Everything a ruler of the Seven Kingdoms could want.

House Sigil Throw Pillow Gifts

With house sigil throw pillows, you can declare your loyalty to one of Westeros’ houses, and then sleep on your declaration each and every night. You can find more on the HBO store and Factory Entertainment.


Three Eyed Raven Plush Gift

Cuddle up to the ominous three-eyed raven. The crow version from Bran’s dreams, not the old man in a tree.


Replica Dragon Eggs Gift

The best gift in the Game of Thrones universe: three dragon eggs. These were gifted to Daenerys on her Dothraki wedding day, but are equally suitable for less-violent holiday celebrations.


Dragon Plush Gifts

Daenerys’ most difficult dragon, Drogon comes in both baby and adult plush. Far more snuggly than eggs, and 14 and 42 inches long, respectively.


The Royal Crown of the Houses Baratheon and Lannister Official Replica

For those with bigger budgets, this crown replica is the way to go all out. 1,500 of these were created from a direct casting of the original screen-used prop, made with real metal and reproduction gemstones. It also comes with an iron sword display stand, numbered plaque medallion, and a certificate of authenticity.


House Banners Gift

These house tournament banners are easy to hang and perfect for upping your home decor loyalty.


Coin of the Faceless Man Gift

Arya receives this iron coin from “Jaqen H’gar,” or the Faceless Man. It grants her passage to the headquarters of the Faceless Men in Braavos, but also makes a great replica gift.


Hodor Door Stops

If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, this gift probably seems ridiculous. But trust us, it’s both funny and heart-breaking.


Dothraki Love Bracelets

For the romantics out there, these bracelets symbolize one of the few loving sentiments ever spoken in Dothraki.


Red Wedding Mug

This mug is a lighthearted throwback to one of Game of Thrones’ most violent episodes.


Engraved Drink-Ware

Get a famous Game of Thrones quote engraved onto a drinking apparatus of your choice. We recommend Tyrion’s classic: “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”


Wax Seal House Sigil Coasters

Wax seals themselves aren’t as popular nowadays, but coasters are timeless.


Map of Westeros Gifts

The star of every episodes opening cinematic, the map of Westeros makes for a great gift. You can find tons of poster versions online, or opt for fancier canvas or vintage wall panels.


Pop Vinyl Figures Gifts

There’s plenty of Game of Thrones action figures and Pop! figures on the Funko store. Some fan-favorites include Jon SnowDaenerys, Ghost, and Drogon.


Game of Thrones Book Set Gift

You can’t go wrong with the original Game of Thrones books, which come in paperback, leathercloth, and even custom leather covers. You can get either the 5-book set or the 7-book set, in which A Sword of Storms and A Dance With Dragons are each split into two parts.


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