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Final Fantasy XV’s Food Looks More Realistic Than Any Pixels Deserve to


Final Fantasy XV’s Food Looks More Realistic Than Any Pixels Deserve to

Five Stars.

Final Fantasy XV puts a big emphasis on food and cooking, letting Ignis make different dishes when the party sets up camp. These dishes give the party useful stat boosts for the next day, and Ignis can learn tons of different recipes across the world. Square Enix has clearly put a ton of effort into making the game’s food look good, and boy did they succeed.

A favorite of Ignis’, the tomato sauce on this looks especially appetizing.

This Burly Bean Bowl looks like just what you need to warm up on a cold winter day.

If there’s one thing that Final Fantasy XV manages to get right with its food, it’s the sauces. The creamy part of this dish certainly comes through.

Based on the name you may not know what’s in this sandwich exactly, but that wouldn’t stop you from eating it.

Leave it to Final Fantasy XV to make Cup Noodles look way more appetizing than they actually do in reality.

Even ice cream and dessert looks too good. Why can’t dessert always look like this?

Looking at this pizza and seeing the name, you can almost imagine how perfectly crispy it really would be.

Prime Rib is always a flavor packed dish, and the presentation of Ignis cooking here is worthy of a five star restaurant.

Although it has a strange shape too it, this fish dish looks incredibly inviting. Presentation is everything here.

This is a light dish, but boy does it look good. That picture perfect soy sauce, and the tightly wrapped dumplings.

Mystery meat sushi is not something that you would really ever eat in real life, that just wouldn’t go well. But Final Fantasy XV’s version looks delightful.

The potatoes and tomatoes are the thing that really make this dish stand out, with just the right amount of juiciness.

This dish looks like it has the perfect combination of soup and solid, with a nice garnish on the top.

This may be the most surprising dish of the entire game, only because Final Fantasy XV managed to make a piece of toast look like the most delicious thing ever.

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