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10 Ways Final Fantasy XV Is Changing the Franchise Like Never Before

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10 Ways Final Fantasy XV Is Changing the Franchise Like Never Before

Can September come any quicker?

This isn’t too strange of a concept as it has been done in previous Final Fantasy games, but those tall and adorable fluffy birds called, Chocobos will be rentable in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. You ought to be saving all those Gil!

Yes, as many of you might already know, Final Fantasy has been in development for quite the time.The exact time period is about 9 years in the making. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (the original title of the game) was first shown off at E3 2006. Later down the road, Final Fantasy XV was later renamed and pushed back to release on the next generation consoles. Let’s just say there’s a lot riding on this release date. Talk about high expectations?

Final Fantasy XV takes on a more photo-realistic take on the world. There’s no doubt Square Enix will bringing the best they have using their new engine. With that being said, Final Fantasy XV is based on the real world which we live in. Don’t worry too much, there will still be tons of mythical beasts, unnatural abilities, and magical swords.

While the Chocobo will be typically used for traveling great distances, there will also be mini-games in Final Fantasy XV that include Chocobo racing. Get prepared for tense Chocobo races!

As seen in multiple Final Fantasy XV trailers, you can drive a car in the game. How cool is that? What better way to traverse the world than in a car?

The long-awaited JRPG will not only be releasing for the next generation consoles on Sept. 30, but it will also be PSVR compatible. What better way to try out the PSVR then riding a Chocobo among the vast open lands.

For the first time ever, Final Fantasy XV will introduce combo attacks between the players. This can be very helpful when monsters and enemies become a slight overwhelming, leaving you no choice, but to team up and take down a certain enemy.

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