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The Hardest Final Fantasy VII Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

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The Hardest Final Fantasy VII Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Do you know this classic best?

Q01 How many of your playable characters can ride chocobos at the Gold Saucer?
A01 Three – Cloud, Tifa, Cid

Q02 Where are the six Turtles Paradise flyers located?
A02 1: Little boy’s bedroom, in Sector 5 of Midgar. 2: Shinra HQ, 2nd floor. 3: Ghost Square of the Gold Saucer, in the lobby. 4: Cosmo Canyon, next to the weapon shop. 5: Cosmo Canyon, in the pub. 6. Wutai, Yuffie’s basement.

Q03 What items must Cloud obtain in Wall Market and wear in order for Don Corneo to choose him over Tifa and Aerith?
A03 Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne, Diamond Tiara, Make-up

Q04 What is the fewest amount of wild chocobos you must catch in order to breed a Gold Chocobo?
A04 Three – Two good or great, and one wonderful

Q05 How many Enemy Skill materia can be obtained throughout the game?
A05 Four

Q06 What is the total amount of Enemy Skills that can be learned?
A06 24

Q07 What other video games are included in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII?
A07 Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core

Q08 What is the combination to the safe in Shinra Mansion, which holds the Basement Key and Odin materia?
A08 Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97

Q09 Which character’s ultimate weapon can be found on disc 1, but not obtained until disc 2?
A09 Cait Sith. The HP Shout is in a gym locker in Shinra HQ, but you cannot pick it up until the Return to Midgar arc near the end of disc 2.

Q10 What is the name of Tifa’s childhood friend who appears intermittently throughout the game?
A10 Johnny. He can be seen in Sector 7, outside the Honey Bee Inn, and at Costa Del Sol.

Q11 How many times can you fight Reno and Rude together throughout the game?
A11 Three times: Gongaga, Sunken Gelnika, and Midgar Underground.

Q12 When a character’s HP reaches exactly 7777, they go into a flurry of how many consecutive strikes?
A12 64. Each hit deals 7777 damage, for a total of 497,728 damage.

Q13 During the game’s first-print run upon launch, what word on the back of the box has a misprint?
A13 Masterpiece. The ‘i’ is floating above the ‘er’.

Q14 There are 6 different monsters in Final Fantasy VII that can be morphed into the 6 different sources used to manually boost your stats. All 6 can be found in the same place. Where?
A14 The Sunken Gelnika. The monsters are Bad Rap, Poodler, Serpent, Unknown, Unknown 2, and Unknown 3.

Q15 What Enemy Skill is necessary to obtain the Chocobuckle Enemy Skill?
A15 Level 4 Suicide – This can be obtained from Mu enemies around the Chocobo Farm.

Q16 Who was the publisher for Final Fantasy VII’s initial North American PC release in 1998?
A16 Eidos Interactive – Eidos later became a part of the SquareEnix in 2009, when the main office was merged into Square Enix Europe.

Q17 Which playable character is the tallest?
A17 Barret Wallace. At 6’4”, Barret is a full foot taller than Tifa, and even beats Sephiroth’s 6’1”.

Q18 The Master Summon and Master Magic materia require mastery of all materia in those categories to unlock, but the Master Command materia does not. How many of the 13 Command materia must be mastered to unlock the Master Command materia?
A18 Seven – Deathblow, Manipulate, Sense, Steal, Throw, Mime, and Morph. W-Item, W-Magic, W-Summon, Slash-All, Double Cut, and Enemy Skill are not required to obtain the Master Command materia.

Q19 Jenova speaks one line in the entire game, and in the original release this one line contains a typo. What is the typo?
A19 Beacause. The full line is, “Beacause Cloud… You are a puppet.”

Q20 What invaluable item can be obtained by morphing a Master Tonberry?
A20 Ribbon accessory. Ribbons can also be found in the Temple of the Ancients and Gaea’s Cliff.

20 Points – Sephiroth: “Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the land and the Planet.”
14-19 Points – Tifa Lockhart: “Together… we can do anything. We’ve worked this hard already.”
7-13 Points – Barret Wallace: “I’ve been here since the beginning and I still don’t know what the hell’s goin’ on.”
1-6 Points – Heidegger: “I’m ashamed of myself.”
0 Points – Cid Highwind: “You’re stupid. You’re really $#&^%$* stupid.”

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