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Take a Pink, Fluffy Stroll Through 16 Years of Final Fantasy Moogles


Take a Pink, Fluffy Stroll Through 16 Years of Final Fantasy Moogles


Moogles are one of the primary mascots of Final Fantasy, and the adorable creatures have definitely evolved over the series. They’ve been featured in every mainline entry since Final Fantasy III, as well as a host of spinoffs and other series like Kingdom Hearts. Here’s how the Moogle has evolved over the series, although note that not every single appearance of the creature is listed here.

Moogles appeared for the very first time in Final Fantasy III, although the creatures were originally made for Final Fantasy II and scrapped. The little characters were magic wielders, and bodyguards for Doga.

Final Fantasy V has a Moogle Village in Galuf’s woods, that features into a piece of the story. The creatures use telepathy to communicate, and have a horde of treasure player can get as a reward for helping them.

Once again, Final Fantasy VI features a Moogle village, this time underground. However, this time around a Moogle by the name of Mog also joins your party. Mog learned to speak the language of humans by communicating telepathically with Ramuh. Final Fantasy VI also was the first game to give Moogles squinted eyes, which would carry over for nearly the rest of the series.

The only Moogle featured in Final Fantasy VIII goes by the name MiniMog, and is one of the first Guardian Force’s you can use. It looks a bit different from the usual Moogles, and is also featured as a Triple Triad card.

Moogles play a hugely important role in Final Fantasy IX, tying directly into the story at points and even functioning as the save points for the game. Moogles record your adventure, and there’s also a minigame called Mognet that has you sending letter back and forth between Moogles. A Moogle by the name of Stilzkin, is a wandering salesman that pops up throughout the game.

Moogles actually aren’t featured anywhere in the world or lore of Final Fantasy XIII. However, one of the shops in the game, Moogleworks, does feature the character emblazoned upon their logo.

Moogles are one of the most prominent races in Final Fantasy XII, one of many in the world of Ivalice. The game’s world is an expansion of the Ivalice seen in Final Fantasy Tactics, and Moogles are generally crafty, mechanically savvy, or skilled in magic characters. There are many Moogles you’ll meet along your journey.

The same Mog from XIII-2 comes back for Lightning Returns, this time as the leader of the Moogle Village deep in the Jagd Woods. There are also a bunch of different Moogles that inhabit the village and come out at night. There’s even a set of DLC equipment for Lightning, that’s Moogle themed in its visual design.

In both of the Tactics Advance games, like in Final Fantasy XII, Moogles are one of the most prominent races of Ivalice. Your closest friend and adviser in the first Tactics Advance was a black magic wielding Moogle named Montblanc. You can also have quite a few of the creatures in your party, and they specialize in magical or mechanical based jobs.

Moogles will once again return for Final Fantasy XV, but not as living creatures. Instead, Noctis will be able to use Moogle dolls in battle to distract enemies. These cute guys will take a beating for you, when you’re in a pinch.

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