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Every Overwatch Character’s Real Name and Where They’re From


Every Overwatch Character’s Real Name and Where They’re From

Heroes from all over the world… and the moon!

Overwatch has a ton of interesting and unique characters hailing from all over the world. Players may not realize this while just running around and shooting their fellow heroes in the face. It’s good to sometimes stop from the action and find out who the Overwatch heroes are without the bullets, witty remarks, and constant mayhem. They’re people, just like you and me. Well, except Bastion, Winston, and Zenyatta. That’s two bots and a gorilla, although he’s a very smart gorilla. But I forget myself… what was I saying?

Ah yes, the heroes in Overwatch are people too. They have names and families and homes. Blizzard put in a lot of effort to give them all backstories and a purpose. So why not take the time to find out a little bit about who they are. Hey, you may find out that you all have something in common. You might share a name with someone who isn’t Bastion (because seriously, how could you?). You may be from Austrailia just like Roadhog and Junkrat. Or you may just be a zany cartoon character with a penchant for teleporting and blowing people up while you try to capture objective points and activate your ultimate just so you can mutter the words “Die! Die! Die!”

Or maybe you’re just a fan. What do I know?

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