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Every New Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Skin Ranked from Worst to Best

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Every New Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Skin Ranked from Worst to Best

All the New Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Skins, Ranked Worst to Best

Six new legendary and five new epic skins have been released for the new Overwatch Anniversary event. There are some really amazing ones, and a few that are just so-so. We set out to have them ranked from worst to best.

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11. Carbon Fiber Pharah

First off, we have Carbon Fiber Pharah in Overwatch. Likely the less exciting of the collection of epics, which are all essentially just recolors of the characters base skins. Carbon Fiber Pharah is at the bottom though, because its essentially a recolor common skins but has almost the same color scheme as her epic Anubis skin. At least with the Anubis skin you also have the added detail of a jackal helmet to make it stand out more.

This skin really does look just like a common Overwatch skin, in a color scheme that kind of already exists for Pharah anyways.

10. Oro Sombra

Sombra’s Oro skin is also just a base recolor, but the color scheme is nice and more unique than Pharah’s. She has never had a common or epic skin that used this tan and yellow ombre combination.
The closest is probably her common skin Incendio, but that is much more orange while this is yellow.
Not that memorable as an Anniversary skin, but better than Phrarah’s as at least this color scheme hasn’t been used on a past Sombra skin before.

9. Carbon Fiber Doomfist

Doomfist’s Carbon Fiber skin is a bit better than Pharah’s and Sombra’s epics, as at least he has a few more added details like the lined paint on his forehead and the thin plating going along his left arm.

Still very much a recolor of his base skin in Overwatch, but with the added details it’s more like a tweaked version of his base epic Painted skin.

Still not that exciting though.

8. Midnight D.Va

The purple color is a great one for D.Va, and surprisingly hasn’t been done that often with her in the past as Blizzard usually sticks to pink.

The only way you could get another D.Va purple skin is if you happened to pick up the Los Angeles Gladiators home skin for her. So that new color makes it stand out in a way, but it really is just still a base skin recolor.

It’s pretty wild to compare these base skin epics to say, Orisa’s Sanye Lunar New Year epic skin this year or Reinhardt Coldhardt Halloween Terror skin. Those just have so much more detail, like actually changing an element of the character’s design and not just swapping colors around.

7. Electric Widowmaker

Electric Widowmaker’s skin is the best of the epics, as she has one memorable element beyond a recolor being her electric blue hair.

At least when you see this skin, there is a chance you could immediately recognize it as an exclusive epic for the anniversary event. It’s just not as likely someone would see Oro, Midnight, or the Carbon Fiber skins and make the same connection.

6. Honeydew Mei

Finally we are into the legendary skins. While it is still super cute, the Mei Honeydew skin is likely the less impressive of the batch.

She has an interesting new color scheme and every element of her outfit is a new asset (we’re looking at you Mei-rry skin fiasco of 2016), but it just doesn’t stand out as much as the other legendary skins.

The best part of this skin is that her tank attached to Snowball is now filled with green liquid instead of blue. Otherwise, nothing else stands out all that much.

5. Orbital Pharah

This skin is fun because it revolves around Pharah’s kit and abilities. It makes sense she is dressed as an astronaut because her Jump Jets feel like how an astronaut suit would function in space.

Her design also lends heavily to an astronaut silhouette, as her armor is already built quite a bit like how a space suit is as well.

It’s just a fun and well thought out idea, that works seamlessly with Pharah and how she plays.

Her weapon also has some great additional details, like padding along the base while everything on the weapon has been recolored white except for a few accents.

The outside area of Horizon Lunar Colony is going to feel a lot more authentic if you have this skin equipped.

4. Riot Police Brigitte

Much like Pharah’s physique and kit lends well to her being dressed as an astronaut, Brigitte’s whole playstyle is very similar to that of a Riot Police officer.

Her new armor pieces look great, the royal blue color stands out dramatically, and she pulls off the riot officer look effortlessly due to her silhouette and kit. It’s almost like when you have a skin like this on, you can roleplay as an officer in the midst of a riot as you use her Shield Bash and Whip Shot in a team fight.

The best small detail has got to be the little blue electricity sparks at the end of her Rocket Flail. You’ll feel like you’re zapping every annoying Genji and Tracer that crosses your path.

3. Academy D.Va

While D.Va’s new outfit is super unique, her mech is what makes this new skin.

It has a Transformers vibe, and the small robotic head seen at the top of her mech is actually shown on one of the monitors in the Busan maps. It begs the question whether some additional lore about D.Va and her mech is going to be revealed soon after the release of this skin.

The pink and white color scheme is great, and D.Va’s blaster is especially detailed, making it look almost like a mini phazer blaser.

Other small and cute details include Hana Song written on D.Va’s name tag, and the fact that it looks like her mech is wearing heels.

2. Toxic Roadhog

It’s pretty close between these final two skins, but Toxic Roadhog is still one of the best skins to ever be released for Overwatch and arguably the best Roadhog skin yet.

Instead of sucking in healing mist during his Take A Breather, instead it’s a green toxic goop that is also a focus on the rest of the skin. It flows through the curve of his hook, sticks out in various tubes on his body, and best of all preserves his skull in a tank helmet.

It sort of feels like both this skin and Winston’s Gargoyle skin are late Halloween ideas that weren’t finished in time, but at least we are getting them in some way or another. They’re both super detailed and clearly have a lot of thought behind them.

1. Gargoyle Winston

It’s undoubtedly a very difficult thing to make a skin for a video game character that both completely changes their look while making them still recognizable whether it be close-up or at a distance for gameplay purposes. Winston’s Gargoyle skin does just that, and is one of the best skins Overwatch has released in recent memory.

The detail on this one is pretty amazing. Winston’s skin is now rock-like in appearance, his armor set is totally new, he has giant stone wings on his back, spine-like plating going down his back, detailed new horns, and on theme red accent pieces throughout.

Best of all though is his weapon, which literally just looks like Winston tore a stone column out of the Notre-Dame de Paris.

An amazingly thought out idea for a skin that will have most people thinking, ‘why didn’t I know of that?’

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