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10 E3 Announcements That Got Leaked Ahead of Time


10 E3 Announcements That Got Leaked Ahead of Time

So much for surprises.

General Raam Joins Killer Instinct

The Xbox One’s console exclusive fighter has added a variety of characters over the past three years, and one of them was the Arbiter from Microsoft’s Halo franchise. With that in mind, it felt like a no brainer for someone from Gears of War to join the cast, and you’d naturally think it’d be a member of Delta Squad. Instead, rumors swirled around General Raam, the main villain from the first game. Certainly a different choice, but given his swarm of bats and wicked knife, maybe he’ll be great for the game after all.

God of War 4

Rumors had been swirling around for the last month or two that a new God of War would be showing up at E3 this year, and that we’d see the return of Kratos, albeit in a different setting, as he’d be heading over to Norse mythology. It sounds crazy, but that turned out to be true, and ended up as the first announcement for Sony’s impressive showing. What the leak didn’t tell us was that Kratos had a young son accompanying him, he’d ditched his chain blades for an axe, and more importantly, he’s got a wicked beard.

Watch Dogs 2

It was a given that Watch Dogs would become a franchise, because Ubisoft doesn’t do AAA one and done games. With Assassin’s Creed on the backburner this year, something had to take the series place, and this felt like the right one to do it. Over time, leaks gradually revealed more and more of the game, from the new setting of San Francisco to Marcus Holloway taking over protagonist roles from Aiden Pearce. Even the night before it was actually revealed, the game got leaked thanks to a Twitch ad. Still, that didn’t stop it from having an impressive showing at E3 this year.

Injustice 2

Superheroes have been beating each other into paste this whole year, and video games had to get in on that action somehow. Injustice: Gods Among Us was better than it should’ve been, and the demand for a sequel was high. Netherrealm tried their hardest to keep things secret, but all it took was GameStop to put out a poster ahead of time for things to unravel. Still, the Gear system looks cool, the combat is as ridiculous as ever, and you can have a shark eat a gorilla, so there’s that.

Dead Rising 4 at Microsoft’s E3 Presser

Dead Rising made its debut on the Xbox One back in 2013, but Dr3 didn’t grab people like it should’ve. The state of the franchise was in a weird state after that, at least until rumors swirled around that Dead Rising 4 existed and would bring back series icon Frank West. Eventually, all those rumors got to become cold hard fact, and Microsoft’s Worst Kept Secret showed up at E3. Frank’s debut to the Xbox One looks nothing short of ridiculously awesome, just the way it should be.

Xbox One Slim

Microsoft just couldn’t keep secrets this E3, and one of the big ones was the Xbox One Slim. Thankfully, that’s what they kicked off their conference with, confirming the 4K support, 2 TB hard drive, and internal power battery. Unlike the original Bone, this little beauty is decked out in all white, and will thankfully be due out in two months!

Skyrim Remastered

One of the last things to be rumored to show up at E3 this year was a current gen version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with better graphics and mod support for all systems. At first, it sounded way too good to be true, but it eventually became more and more of a solid thing. Come Bethesda’s conference, it was confirmed, and while it sucks that there’s not an Elder Scrolls 6 on the PS4 or XBone, this will definitely tide us over until then.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It’s been four years since a mainline Resident Evil installment release, and the reactions weren’t entirely in its favor. Talk of RE7 started swirling around about a year ago, with talk of the game retracing its horror roots and hiring Jordan Amaro of PT fame. Both turned out to be right on the money, as Sony’s E3 presser showed us. But what they didn’t mention was that the game was coming to PSVR!


Announced at last year’s E3, ReCore more or less dropped off the face of the world shortly after. About a week before the gaming expo began, rumors started going around, showing off screens of the game, its box art, and giving us a solid release date of September 13. All of that turned out to be right, and now it’s one of the most anticipated games of the year.


Prey 2 was a game we only really saw once, only to be canceled a year later. Fans still held out hope for it to return, especially when emails said that it would be making a return at E3 this year. While the series it’s definitely back, it’s not in the way people were expecting. Instead of playing as an alien bounty hunter, you’re Morgan Yu, a test subject stuck on a space station as everything goes to hell. This is more a sci-fi thriller bent, and its new direction is definitely something we’re glad the leaks didn’t reveal.

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