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E3 2016: Every Ubisoft Conference Announcement


E3 2016: Every Ubisoft Conference Announcement

Ubisoft had plenty to show off this year.

Ubisoft kicked things off by announcing the next installment of their Just Dance series. After a peppy dance number accompanied by Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, Aisha Tyler came out to say that the new Just Dance would be hitting all gaming platforms next year, including the Nintendo NX.

Ubisoft was quick to jump into their next game, Ghost Recon Wildlands. After a beautiful CG trailer, the company went straight to a lengthy gameplay demo showing the Ghost team hunt down a target within the Drug Cartel. Finally, Ubisoft announced a release date of March 7, 2017 for the ambitious open world title.

Switching gears yet again, Ubisoft pulled a bait and switch trailer that seemed like it was for a Tom Clancy game, turning out to be for South Park: The Fractured But Whole instead. Again, the company showed a lengthy gameplay demo and brought out the series’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Then Ubisoft announced the new South Park game would be releasing December 6, and has a collector’s edition that includes a superhero Cartman statue.

Next up, was even more information on the Division past what we’d seen at Microsoft’s conference earlier. First, Ubisoft announced three costumes coming to the Division inspired by other Tom Clancy series. Players must be members of the Ubisoft Club to get the costumes for Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell.

Next up, was the reveal of the Divison’s second expansion, titled Survival. The trailer for the expansion had a Division agent stuck in a fierce snowstorm, and has players searching for a potential cure for the Green Poison. No date was given for Survival.

Ubisoft changed over to VR titles next, to reveal a brand new experience set in the world of Star Trek. Bridge Crew puts multiple players in the role of a bridge crew aboard the enterprise, where everyone must work together to traverse space and survive. The trailer featured famous Star Trek series actors including Levar Burton, who Aisha Tyler brought out and interviews on stage afterward.

A sequel to the indie hit Grow Home was announced during the conference, upping the ante a bit with Grow Up. This time players will help the small robot Bud transform and fly with a hanglider, on his journey to the moon.

Ubisoft unveiled a CG trailer for the story mode of For Honor, followed by a gameplay demo of a Viking battle. First we saw the history of the conflict between each of the warring factions in the game, before being put in the middle of a battle seeing the Viking army scale the Samurai army’s wall. A release date of February 14, 2017 was given to For Honor at the end of everything.

In a strange introduction by two developer at Red Lynx, Ubisoft announced a crazy crossover titled Trials of the Blood Dragon. The game combines the gameplay elements of the Trials series, with the setting of Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Even more surprising was the fact that the game would be releasing today, right after the conference.

Aisha brought out the Assassin’s Creed film’s producer to talk about the upcoming movie a bit. Marshall talked about the “real story” they’d hit on with the film, before unveiling a new behind-the-scenes video with some brand new footage.

After their announcement last week, Ubisoft gave us a glimpse of a new gameplay demo for Watch Dogs 2. The “Dedsec Infiltration Mission” gave us a look at some new hacking abilities in action, including a helpful drone. We also found out that all DLC for the game will be available on PlayStation 4 30 days before anywhere else.

Ubisoft briefly announced that the next series getting a live-action film adaption would be Watch Dogs. No release window or details were given, although Ubisoft feels the franchise is a perfect fit for film

Rounding things out, Ubisoft announced a massive new open world sports game called Steep. The extreme sports game has players participating in adrenaline pumping events like snowboarding, skiing, flying with wingsuits and paragliding. Steep has a huge open world set partially in the Alps and will be launching this winter for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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