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All 31 Villains of Dragon Ball Z, Ranked by How Little They Suck

Not every villain is iconic in the series, or good for that matter.

As far as Dragon Ball Z villains go, Goku and the gang have certainly had their hands full in their ten+ collective lifetimes. It’s not an easy task to keep the earth safe from a galaxy or seven of baddies that want to take it over or destroy it or seek pointless vengeance because they have a score to settle or ‘insert reason x why this story needs to be told’, but even when they’ve met their match for the twentieth time and everything seems hopeless, Goku manages to pull a Spirit Bomb out from his torn gi and save the world once again from imminent peril. At least until the next wave of power hungry aliens comes along.

However, not all villains are created equal. You have your greats, the ones that you know are going to be trouble when they walk in. They’re going to give the Z fighters the battle of a lifetime and you’re going to be on the edge of your seat in anticipation. But then there are the ones that you have to sit down and question if the writers were bored, or if they really were just that hungry that they created more food themed characters with no depth or purpose. Either way, our heroes always had something to keep them occupied.

Here we have compiled our list of Dragon Ball Z villains and ranked them from worst to best based on the overall impact they had on the story and how well developed they are as characters (which some of them don’t have much to offer in either department). Some of these were hard to place and could be interchangeable, but overall, we think this list is pretty solid.

So how did we do? Let us know how we did in the comments below!

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