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The Ultimate Destiny Weapon Quiz For True Gunsmiths


The Ultimate Destiny Weapon Quiz For True Gunsmiths

Master at arms.

Do you think you’re more knowledgeable than The Gunsmith?

Prove your understanding of the vast array of guns in the Destiny universe and show all the Guardians who’s the true master of weapons.

How Much Ammo Does an Exotic Sword Have Without the Increase Ammo Upgrade nodes?

A) 48
B) 55
C) 65
D) 70

Answer B – 55

Without any ammo upgrades an exotic sword can hold a base amount of 55, however this can be increased if you add on both of the heavy weapon upgrades on the sword.

Which of these Exotic Weapon Ornaments is for the Hawkmoon?

A) Carrion
B) Royal Flush
C) Iconoclast
D) Silver Bullet
E) Crucible Assassin

Answer A – Carrion

While there are a lot of Exotic Ornaments in Destiny, however only Carrion and Moonglow available for the Hawkmoon

Which of these weapons is not obtainable by the Crucible Quartermaster?

A) The Hero Formula
B) Something Wicked
C) Teacup Tempest
D) 44 Curtain Call

Answer C – Teacup Tempest

This weapon is actually from the Vanguard Quartermaster and is a high rate of fire sidearm. All of the others can be obtained from Arcite 99-40 who is the Crucible Quartermaster

Which Legendary Machine Gun is this Quote from? “It breaks the rules of reality as ruthlessly as it shatters your foes.”

A) Deviant Gravity-A
B) Corrective Measure
C) Against All Odds
D) The Infinite Theorem

Answer B – Corrective Measure

While both The Infinite Theorem and Deviant Gravity-A sound like it’d match the quote, it’s actually from the Vault of Glass machine gun the Corrective Measure.

Which weapon was Ikora Rey’s favorite when she was younger?

A) Invective
B) Boolean Gemini
C) Taloc
D) The First Curse

Answer A – Invective

Explained int he Invective grimoire, it’s revealed that this shotgun was her go-to choice when she was younger and more rebellious. She preferred it due to the self-replicating magazine and it was used a final solution when words failed

Whats the name of the Taken boss during the secret Black Spindle Quest?

A) Keksis the Betrayed
B) Peekis, the Disavowed
C) Driviks, the Chosen
D) Veliniks, the Ravenous

Answer C – Driviks, the Chosen

While Keksis is Taken, he was actually not the one guarding the Black Spindle aboard the Fallen Ketch. The other two are from the House of Wolves bounty hunter missions and are some of the only ones without Baron in their title.

In the Destiny Gameplay Reveal at E3 Which Exotic Was Revealed?

A) Gjallarhorn
B) SUROS Regime
C) Pocket Infinity
D) Thorn

Answer A – Gjallarhorn

This famous rocket launcher actually made its debut way back during the Gameplay Reveal trailer at E3. However, it wasn’t the only exotic as both the Thunderlord and an unnamed Patience and Time showed up as well.

Which exotic Hand Cannon is described as a “true gunslinger’s weapon” in the grimoire?

A) Ace of Spades
B) Thorn
C) The Last Word
D) Hawkmoon

Answer D – Hawkmoon

While The Last Word has a western aesthetic, it’s actually the Hawkmoon that’s described as a “true gunslinger’s weapon.”

How many points did you need to earn in the Crucible to complete the Bad Juju exotic quest?

A) 5,000
B) 8,000
C) 10,000
D) 15, 000

Answer C – 10,000

In order to complete the last step of the Toland’s Legacy quest, you had to rack up 10,000 points with the Sated Pulse Rifle. Killing or getting a kill assist on a Hunter/Titan was 25 points with Warlocks earning you 75 points.

Which King’s Fall raid weapon is this quote from? “If only… if only we had heeded the Queen..”

A) Qullim’s Terminus
B) Zaouli’s Bane
C) Smite of Merain
D) Midha’s Reckoning

Answer A – Qullim’s Terminus

While all of the King’s Fall raid weapons have depressing quotes, it’s Qullim’s Terminus who acts as a final plea.

Which Exotic Primary shares the same Primary Perk as the Fate of all Fools?

A) No Time to Explain
B) Monte Carlo
C) MIDA Multi-Tool
D) The Jade Rabbit

Answer D – The Jade Rabbit

While The Fate of all Fools may be one of the rarest items in all of Destiny, the actual perk was bestowed upon The Jade Rabbit when The Taken King released.

Which of these weapons are not earned from Trials of Osiris?

A) The Scholar
B) The Summoner
C) The Messanger
D) The Conduit

Answer D – The Conduit

This weapon is actually earned from Future War Cult, with the other three being available during Trials of Osiris.

What gun is Shiro-4’s personal weapon?

A) Nemesis Star
B) Trespasser
C) No Land Beyond
D) Khvostov 7G-0X

Answer B – Trespasser

The Trespasser is actually Shiro-4’s sidearm when he used to go out and fight in the wilds beyond the walls.

Which item does Banshee-44 not currently sell at The Tower?

A) Armor Materials
B) Common (Green) Weapons
C) Primary Ammo Synthesis
D) Heavy Telemetry

Answer C – Primary Ammo Synthesis

Before Rise of Iron dropped Banshee actually used to sell Primary Ammo Synthesis, but since the expansion’s release it’s only available via chests.

How many exotic weapons are there in Destiny?

A) 37
B) 43
C) 49
D) 52

Answer C -49

There are actually 49 exotic weapons in Destiny, however only 48 of them are available to the general public as The Fate of All Fools is an exclusive weapon.

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